Why doesn't Jake Paul fight a MW?

Clearly he has just fought two WWs that moved up to MW (weight) Why not fight a real middle weight?

U Mad Silva GIF by UFC


He wants absolutely NOTHING to do with the spider

It won’t happen esp after Tito gets ko’ed

Because the goal is obviously to fight smaller guys who suck at boxing?


A guy with 3 years experience and 3 fights should fight one of the best strikers in MMA history?

We are only 2 fights removed from him fighting an NBA player. Settle down people.

fight someone your size not retired 170ers

He’s the one who wants to fight Conor McGregor. If he wants a challenge fight Anderson

I don’t think he wants a challenge.

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Anderson vs Paul is the only thing that makes sense to me in reality right now.

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And Anderson would beat the fuck out of Conor. Jake is being very smart about his opponents…picking guys who are retired, or at the very least on a big losing streak and on the downside of their career…who compete at 170 and weren’t known as boxers, or in Woodley’s case as technical boxers. He could punch, was explosive, but clearly isn’t a traditional boxer.

I could see him going after Tito Ortiz, but Tito is about to get knocked TF out. I have no idea who’s next, probably Woodley again. Anderson or Vitor are way too much, and I can’t think of a single name that’s slightly better than Woodley, where Jake still has all the advantages.

Maybe De La Hoya if he looks OK against Vitor? But even then, Jake doesn’t have a shot at beating him, and he won’t want the loss on his record. His brother “beat” Floyd by going the distance, and there’s no loss on his professional record. I have no clue who else he fights. Masvidal would be an option, but the UFC won’t let him out of his deal, and Masvidal would beat the fuck out of him.

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