Why doesn't Junior put his hands up?

JDS was getting lit up over and over again last night and the only thing he was doing to attempt to avoid the strikes was poor head movement. Did anyone else notice last night how he didn't put his hands up in a defensive position except maybe once in the 4th or 5th?

Clueless as to why.

Even more baffling is how Cain could not put away a ko'ed fighter for 20 mins with his hands down

That's how he fights every time. Though, in the later rounds it was also due to exhaustion. Phone Post

He was more concerned with getting the underhook in case Cain shot in wich left him wide open for strikes. A similar thing happened to Anderson in the first Sonnen fight, he had his hands down ready to underhook and got caught with overhand lefts by Chael

I don't think it was part of the plan because his corner was begging him to keep his hands up after every round.