Why Doesn't Laimon Fight?????

Anybody know?

I guess he enjoys what he's doing, he's simply content where he's at making champions...

name a champion he has made

tuf champion Joe stevenson tuff champion kendall grove

grapplers quest champion x 4 Cobra kai
multi champ ulysis gomez, sonny,sim go ,spangler
mark laimon himself beating lister brennen roion gracie monson etc etc etc
nogo to sleep i will most likely kill you in the morning.LOL

ulyses, sonny, and sim was were with John Lewis first, the were good before they met Laimon. Spangler was with Lewis for years. ( these have no pro fights though)

Kendall left marc and went with tito and in kendalls words took his game to a whole new level. in his 2 ufc fights with laimon stevenson was out of shape much like mir.

Bollea is a future champ also


40 hairs Foland

-Joe Riggs

What did Baroni say about him?

Kendall Grove went with Tito Ortiz to be a TUF champion. Joe Steveson was a great fighter before he went to Laimons school. Hell Steveson got his brown belf for Gokor, not Laimon. I hope Steveson and Kendall stay with the new team punishment. They will have great careers if they do. Hell Steveson already beat one of the best lightweights in the world and probably the best lightweight in the UFC.

I thought Baroni was kicked out by Marc b/c he was juicing again. And Joe blew his wad chasing a kneebar that he failed getting. He should be a hoss at 155 though

To much pressure IMO....if he is anything less than a world champ the fickle mma crowd would say he is terrible and no one should train with him

To much to lose.

Look at Serra some people actually question his skills on the ground because he didn't tap Shonie or Karo gave him hell on the ground (which is crazy btw but people did question him)

Fight for what? The fight game is for folks that love it.There is little money in it and the fans are fickle.Think about it,if you are one of the top 10 fighters in the world then you aren't shit to more than half the fans out there.If he can make money teaching an coaching then more power to him.As a grappling coach,you cant deny his talent.He had cobra Kai as one of the best teams on the West Coast.Those mfers get good fast.But while his grappling style is great for grappling tourneys IMO his style isnt really that MMA compatible.

I remember Marc saying he didnt like getting punched in the face and thats why he never fought. Seems like a legit reason to me.

By all accounts Marc is pretty much the biggest Jiu-Jitsu fan in America, he loves teaching jiu-jitsu, training in jiu-jitsu, he's obsessed with watching jiu-jitsu (has a rediculously large collection of tapes). Why should he go to MMA if it's not something that interests him? It's not like he trains in jiu jitsu to become a better MMA fighter

Just my opinion...because he knows he would not do well. Much like Bravo his style is of a pure grappler. An outstanding grappler. Sports BJJ is exactly that though, a sport. It doesn't translate well into MMA when people don't (or are not willing) to make adjustments to a fighting situation. I think he worries about his rep because his style would not do as well in MMA.