Why doesn't USA JUDO...?

Why doesn't USA JUDO sell any merchancise?

IE; T- shirts, sweats, bumper stickers, etc to help promote USA JUDO? Every other organization does.

As a member, I would be proud to display a little loyalty to the organization.


They do sell merchandise through a licensing arrangement.


the merchandise was quite ugly-- actually you could basically say the designer's brain must've fallen from the ugly tree and hit every branch before falling into the lava stream below-- but supposedly they are having a new line introduced very soon.

Here's some cool judo stuff I've bought:



How come they don't have any USA Judo Board of Director bobblehead dolls?

"How come they don't have any USA Judo Board of Director bobblehead dolls?"

On mine the head would stay still but the tummy would jiggle!!!

Thinking John Serbin good luck statue might be a big moneymaker. Rub the belly for good luck prior to a match.

Do you still have that picture of you and that big Japanese figure when you were in Tokyo? That was brilliant.

If rubbing my belly was good luck i would have won the Olympics!!!

Good point.

Back to the drawing board for me.