Why don’t liberals think with their brains

and not their emotions.

Chelsea Handler tweeted that it was pathetic to have a trial for Derek Chauvin because there was video of him killing Floyd.

Watch the Steven Crowder video if you think the “knee on neck” killed him.

Chauvin is an asshole and didnt need to stay on top of him but that clearly didnt kill him.

Liberals, nothing is more important than freedom. Try to think with your heads and not your TDS feelings.


If one is to think with their brain then they must have a brain to think with.


Not when decisions are made with your dick

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Because they want to save the world. I’ve noticed they’re very linear thinkers. Meaning that they get stuck on one thing and one thing only and hyper focus on it. They also somehow think that black people can’t figure out the internet, or figure out how to get an ID, but they aren’t racist… because see how I care about them not being able to do those things? Not realizing how incredibly demeaning and racist that is. They’re obtuse and strange, and should be weeded out. I think they’re the people who back in the olden days, would’ve been taken out and murdered because of how weak they are, but since we have laws today, and a way for them all to communicate and share their weakness on the internet… You get what we have today. A bunch of emotional faggots that all need to get their ass kicked.


I think too many of today’s liberals have no understanding of liberty and are completely dictated by the media and whichever leftist agenda item directs them that day. So much so that they’d willingly give up freedoms in order to have their boogeyman shackled in chains.


Chelsea handler is an idiot. You hear that logic from the extremes on both sides. “Why do we need a trial of Chauvin if clearly guilty” or “why is he even on trial since floyd obviously deserved what he got” . Because we’re not a communist country or dictated to by a fascist regime. We just have to see how it plays out. I’m of the opposite opinion of yours, but if the medical examiner testifies that floyd died of an overdose and nothing else played a role then i will gladly change my stance on the matter

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I agree with much of what you said and appreciate your response. I understand how you feel regarding the “knee on neck” as I, even as a conservative, was of the opinion that Chauvin caused his death as well. At this point, however brutal chaivin’s technique appears, I dont believe it is really what killed Floyd.

Liberals can think, the leftists can’t. The real trouble is that the real liberals that know that leftists talk nonsense, don’t speak up. They either think they have to protect their members no matter how nutso and dangerous they are or protect them against conservatives. That leaves the conservatives taking the heat.

You don’t rebuild an engine with a toothbrush…

I’m here for the circle jerk. Who wants my right hand and who wants my left?

Because if they did, they wouldn’t be liberals.

Because they don’t need to. They live under safeties and protection right now.

They will be the first to get slaughtered if the United States becomes like Hotel Rwanda.

If you’re young and not a liberal, you have no heart.
If you’re older and not a conservative, you have no brain.

Today’s liberals are just facist goons.

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Jonathan Haidt addresses this in The Righteous Mind pretty explicitly. It’s not that leftists lack critical thinking skills, it’s simply that the purview of their moral matrix is narrower and hence less complex than conservatives’. Their entire ethic rests on two foundational concerns: (1) care vs. harm and (2) fairness vs. cheating.

Libertarians are even more simplistic in their cognitive filtering relying solely on a liberty vs. oppression perceptual lens.

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The leftist loons of today cry about the exact same rights that have allowed them to grow and prosper into the batshit crazy fuckheads they are today.

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