Why don't Australians speak like Americans?

Aussies have this weird Irish/English twang accent even though they have been living on an island that is on the other side of the planet from the UK.

Americans on the other hand have a very neutral accent

what's up with this?

America had a more diverse group of European immigrants.

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US has always been a melting pot. If there ever was a time when English were a majority on US soil I'm assuming it was short.

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let's hope they can correct their ways

I think basically English + 10-20% germans and polish and shit = american english.

I'm European, English isn't my first language.

When I'm in the UK I struggle to get by among regular folks in the street. (In academia I'm good, but they speak super clearly compared to the bartender, hotel receptionist, fish & chips salesperson etc.)  In Australia it's much easier, and in the US I have no problem at all. (Some ebonics is impossible to follow, though.)

I figure having been exposed to mainstream Hollywood/US sitcoms-english all my life plays a part here.


Everything from accents of original English to influences from other languages.  

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Most Australians sing in an American accent, even Bon Scott did it. One of the main things that shits me about australia. Phone Post 3.0

Idk. But going to Sacramento to chill with some fine Australian chick's that are leaving sac state. I'll try and get pics of the pounding for you guys. I fucking love Australian girls accents. Sexiest thing ever, they don't need to change a thing. Phone Post 3.0

I love Australians and their whacky accents!

Thinking about the way Americans talk always reminds me of that Louis CK bit where he makes fun of how lazy our pronunciation has gotten. People have no finesse or charisma in their speech anymore. Phone Post 3.0

Americans have a neutral accent?

Maybe depending on the spot, but people from the south don't sound anything like people from New England.

This is an interesting topic of discussion. I hope can get to the bottom of this.

PatK - Americans have a neutral accent?

Maybe depending on the spot, but people from the south don't sound anything like people from New England.

oh right because the Southern Accent feature so prominently in American media.

If you watch any network news, tv shows, public radio, movies etc, the overwhelming accent considered American is some sort of mid-west neutral accent. It's closer to a Canadian accent.

in the media anyone who speaks a southern accent is considered stupid or redneck.

that is why there are so many Canadians working as broadcasters in American news and media, they have the ideal neutral American accent.

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Blunderhooks - I read that (British) English originally sounded closer to American English than present day British English.

Not sure how true but it's something to do with "rhotic" and "non rhotic" accents.

OG linguists - feel free to elaborate and/or correct me. Phone Post 3.0
I've only ever heard this on the OG. I was always taught the "old" English accent was similar to the English West Country accent of today. Phone Post 3.0

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