!!! Why Don't People See REALITY? Vitor/Weidman...

Ok.. the Bullshit has to stop... It needs to stop righttt now...

Chris Weidman is awsome.. granted. However, he simply isn't better than, nor will he beat Belfort. Can he? Yes! (Its a fight). But Vitor 8/10 times annihalates this guy...

1.) Weidman hasn't faced a guy with the ferocity, tenacity and speed/power combination that is Vitor Belfort. Anderson never took Weidman seriously in the first and the 2nd was premature. Lyoto Machida would've finished Weidman if there was a miraculous (6th) round. Weidman faded in the last 2 rounds. Thats a fact.
So back to Vitor. On the feet, Vitor has the advantage, both with speed, technique and power. On the ground, Vitor BELFORT is nooo slouch. He almosth dethroned Jon Jones, if only he had held on for just a bit longer with his Jui Jitsu.

2.) Weidman is SLOW! Yes, he is a plodding, brute. The guy's a champion for a reason, don't get me wrong. He is durable, gritty, and can take a fuckkin shot!
Now that's my point! Weidman eats alot of punches and kicks and keeps ticking. Watch all his fights. Vs Maia, Lyoto and Anderson (1st match). That brute took some seriousss punishment. I dare you, watch all his fights again, but don't look out for when he connects, but the opposite, that is when he gets tagged. You'll see it then.. He gets tagged ALOTTT...
So how's this gonna be any different you ask? Hows this gonna change just cause he is fighting Vitor you say?
Here's the thing, you don't wanna get tagged by Vitor!!! When he connects, you will FALL! PERIODDD!!!!!
Don't matter what legendary chin you supposedly have, you will go night night..zzzzzz.....
Why? cause when Vitor tags you, it comes in Flurries! When he flurries, he never loses.
Look at all fights where Vitor lost, or he went to the decision.. Its always when the opponent avoids getting tagged by him. They may eat a single shot here or there, but almost never in the first 2 rounds. By then, Vitor's glaring weakness shows up.. ENDURANCE.

3.) Like it or not. Say Im bringing up old arguments etc etc..But, Chris Weidman has yet to prove without an absolute doubt, that he is better or can beat Anderson Silva when Silva is 100% serious and at his best.
Please..pleaassee.. I beg anyone who has an inkling of ability to be nuetral and unbiased to watch the first fight and come back and tell us that Weidman during the first round didn't look like he had nooo business being in the cage with Anderson The Spider Silva. The guy looked gassed after the first round, dazed, scared and confused. He even admitted this later in a post fight comment.
We all know the 2nd fight ended prematurely.. However I'd be just as biased and un-nuetral if I didn't admit he beat Silva in the first round. Kudos to him..

This already is a TL:DR so Ill close.
Weidman is too slow for Belfort, and simply won't be able to avoid getting tagged heavily in the first 2 rounds..
He will shoot for takedowns, and most likely will get a couple.. But Vitor will threaten with subs and get back to his feet.

Vitor KO's Weidman in the 2nd round. Headkick most likely. If not I call a TKO subsequent to hand strike flurries.
Weidman follows up with the obvious : "Vitor was cheating"

Notice thats all he has been saying from the moment the first fight was announced.
Weidman isn't confident he can beat Vitor.

Thats a FACT!

Sofa King Cool - This post sucks. Phone Post 3.0

Ok Weidman.. I feel your pain..

Betting slip or GTFO Phone Post 3.0

Vitor gets part way into a flurry, Weidman lands a hard counter, finishes with GnP. And Still.

GrindOnLine - Betting slip or GTFO Phone Post 3.0
. Phone Post 3.0

GrindOnLine - Betting slip or GTFO Phone Post 3.0
This. Put your money where your mouth is and stop flapping your gums Phone Post 3.0

Weidman is going to make vitor look like he belongs in another promotion Phone Post 3.0

OP is going to be sad tonight! Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, poke fun all you guys want..
Im sure tomorrow morning, you're all gonna be acting like you were Vitor fans from day one.
This is always the case round here.. Sigh :(

Watch.. watch.. Just you nay sayers wait.

2nd round KO..HEAD KICK!!! Leaving a terrible gash to Weidman's right eyebrow..

You hear it here first..

Stop trying to convince yourself that vitor has a chance. Chris will take him down and pound him out Phone Post 3.0

Is this another iteration of Thiaguy? Phone Post 3.0

Op shut the fuck up Phone Post 3.0

Trt super vitor beats him IMO. But the real question is what does this new vitor fight like? Will he lose his aggression? Will he be slower. It's so so been a long layoff. That being said I'm at NYNY across the street and I put 50 on him with Rumble. At +350 he's a very live dog. Phone Post 3.0

I really don't see how people are so blind to this..
Weidman is a younger guy and may have more Cardio.. Yess..

But he isnt as skilled as Vitor and doesnt have what it takes to get out of the 3rd round alive.

HEADKICK KO 2nd Round. Left High Kick.
Nasty gash over Weidman's left eyebrow.

I have prophecied.

As said above, bet on the fight. Phone Post 3.0

Stupid fuckin thread. Weidman is too much for Vitor Phone Post 3.0

TheRealMrBeefy - Stupid fuckin thread. Weidman is too much for Vitor Phone Post 3.0

Keep your comments out of it then..
See you tomorrow eating Crow tho...

OP has trisomy 21 or is deaf, dumb and blind. I am now dumber for reading his post. May God have mercy on my soul.

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OP has trisomy 21 or is deaf, dumb and blind. I am now dumber for reading his post. May God have mercy on my soul.

I'm glad I skipped reading his post and just read the rest of your guys posts saying he's an idiot and it was a waste of time. Thanks UG.

Is this another iteration of Thiaguy? Phone Post 3.0