Why Don't ULTRA-RUNNERS tell the TRUTH about WALKING?

The raskal actually with solid points left and right.

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They did not do this in born to run.
@theraskal you are full of shit.


Ok, so I just took some time and scrolled through the reviews of these books. I would say some of these books don’t have the best reviews but VERY few of the reviews even mention this issues you state. Maybe a couple vaguely touch on what you claim but to characterize this issue as the norm amongst the reviews is just dishonest.

On an unrelated note, if I knew nothing about ultras and picked up the Dean book you cite (ultra marathon man), I could see exactly where you are coming from. That being said, that’s not an “ultra thing” that’s just a Dean thing. That’s how the guy is…

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“…on to imagined eureka moments' of various research scientists.............In a similar manner, he(author) describes events from the past, where he wasn't present..........**So, we clearly have a very fictionalised account. But is any of it complete fiction? Well, yes it is.** We are told on page 16 that the Tarahumara barely eat any protein at all’. Well, with a physiology degree to back it up, I can tell you that leads only one way… to wasting and eventual death. It comes as a bit of a surprise then to be told on page 209 that `the traditional Tarahumara diet exceeds the United Nations’ recommended daily intake [for protein] by more than 50 percent’. Perhaps by page 209 we are expected to have forgotten what he wrote earlier.”-----------

need I continue on…???

nowhere does that include claims of running times that didn’t happen.

One: who do you think ran the fastest?
(a) Page 15: Lance Armstrong is one of the greatest endurance athletes of all time, and he could barely shuffle through his first marathon despite sucking down an energy gel nearly every mile.' (b) Page 157: …Ted…transformed himself…into…a barefoot marathoner with such speed that he was able to accomplish something that 99.9 percent of all runners never will…

Answer: We don’t know because we aren’t told their times. Well, I can tell you: Lance Armstrong, by a long way. In 2006 his ‘shuffle’ resulted in a time of 2:59:36 and he came 868th out of 37,866 finishers; a brilliant result for a first marathon (and ten minutes under the very fastest age group Boston qualifying time)! And Barefoot Ted? In 2006 he completed the Boston Marathon in 3:20:16, coming in 3,848th out of 19,682 finishers. Not a shuffle either, but in a completely different, and slower, league.----------

well…well…well… how 'bout them apples :grin:

again, you aren’t posting anything that supports your OP

and to think I gave some ThumbsUp and then to be cursed at!

I believe I have given adequate FACTS and DATA to support my observation

"Turning to the so called `scientific research’ that McDougall is fond of reporting, again we must doubt a lot of what we are told. Why? Because it is presented in a way we can’t trust.
I could go on, about the very dubious anthropological details, nutrition and hydration anomalies etc, but I have written too much already.

The book is just an adventure story, fiction based on fact; enjoy it if you can stomach the style; just take everything with a very big pinch of salt!"-----------

With its excessive hyperbole, convenient omissions, misleading statistics, logical inconsistencies and plain old errors, I stopped thinking about this book as actual journalism after fifty pages. -------

The book is by turns fascinating and aggravating. Part of the problem is McDougall’s tendency to hyperbole--------


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and why the prejudice against WALKING anyway?

why can’t people just be like “Yeah, I’m a WALKER, proud of it!”

I’ve read born to run and it doesn’t say shit about Japanese or whatever the fuck your talking about OP.
Unless you think the tarahumara are from Japan?


It hard-core shit no matter how you slice it. I think OP has a point that it’s almost a lie by omission and there’s no need for it.

just wanted to say good on you man, that is fast as shit for a marathon
super impressive.

He’s a African runner. He’s been the fastest marathon runner out there for a while now. In the last year or two he just broke the 2 hr mark for the marathon. Wearing the Nike cheat shoes though

Long distance runners run at a slower pace than sprinters. Who would have thought???