Why don't we see more movies about...

...the American colonial period?

Seriously, I watch 'Last of the Mohicans' last night and lately I've been thinking alot about this. I really think Hollyweird is missing an opportunity here. The time period roughly between the French and Indian War and the American Revolution seems ripe to me for adventure stories, both based on fact and purely fiction, to be told.

For one I've been considering the story of the St. Francis Raid by Roger's Rangers and how it could make for a great movie... Of course you'd have to honestly tell of the atrocities commited in the raid (tho there is an argument to be made that the resulting drop off in Abenaki raids on frontier homesteads and settlements if not justified, at least owe to the raid). But the raid isn't what I think would makes the story facinating. It's the dangers the small group faced in the march to St. Francis and the death that stalked them during their escape.

The entire period is wildly romantic and adventurous... Anyone else think Hollyweird is missing an opportunity here?