Why don't you train/fight?

Just curious, it seems like this sport unlike others, a lot of the fans actually train or fight when of course a lot dont.

Who here trains and what do you primarily train in? Do you have aspirations to fight?

If you don't train, why don't you? Don't enjoy it, not for you? Etc. Phone Post

50 hour work week that never ends thanks to a laptop and blackberry + wife + kids = notraneufc

I've been taking BJJ for 4+ years. I'm a 2 stripe blue. 

 I've done several BJJ comps and have my first fight tentitively scheduled for 8 weeks from now.

used to train, got in a car crash, fucked my back up bad, pilled on weight. Got depressed. Finally dragged my arse back into the gym about 2 months ago, dropped 25 pounds and feel better than ever :). Finding time/motivation can be a bitch though.

I like my face.

I train, but don't fight. Actually try to avoid fighting the best I can.

4-stripe purple belt BJJ.

Because I don't want to. I have enough hobbies and get plenty of exercise.

I also enjoy watching fights and shooting the shit on the UG.

Hi greg Phone Post

Not interested in getting my ass kicked. Just enjoy supporting those who are cool with it. :)

I train but dont fight.

Started too late to make a real run at fighting, so no point in getting knocked the fuck out at this point.

Love to train though.

I try to get through every day without getting punched in the face

it would totally ruin my modeling career

Ive been training for bjj for about 5yrs and everything else for about 3. I work 40+ hours so fighting is like a stress reliever. Its also kept me out of trouble for about 5 yrs Phone Post

I don't train any more due to money constraints (not cheap in NYC), but am considering fighting in December.


 Used to trane years ago, before it was called traneing.

a carreer as a UPS driver left me broken after 3X shoulder surgery and 3x back surgery.

Oh yeah and knee reconstruction.

I wish I could trane.

Instead, I am an avid fan.

Nowhere to train in Panama. Not so much as a boxing gym where I live.

I train but don't fight. I got good kickboxing and bjj and my wrestling is decent but my cardio just isn't getting any better.

I have really bad asthma and I just don't think I'll ever be good enough to be a pro fighter. and I don't want to be humiliated and then with my luck it will be on video and the whole ug will laughing and saying what a piece of shit I am.

doesn't seem worth it. Phone Post

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Who's this? If it's who I think it is, you don't train because your bicep just came off of your ass the other night or something, right? hahaha

ClevelandCursed - 50 hour work week that never ends thanks to a laptop and blackberry + wife + kids = notraneufc

This. Looking for a BJJ class though Phone Post

 BJJ and I do a few comps here and there....

The boxing schedule at my gym doesn't jive with my personal schedule as well as the BJJ classes ... And right now I enjoy BJJ more any way.

Doubt I'll ever fight an MMA match.  It's just not in me.


I took like 4 years off from training because I moved and starting doing other stuff .... But I just couldn't stay away. =)

 I train a couple nights a week.

Havent fought yet and dont plan on making a big run at it but I would like to have a couple ammy fights at some point before Im too old. I havent yet because I feel like Im not ready, due to gym issues my training lately has been inconsistent, and I need to lose a good bit of weight before I think about taking a fight.