why fans hate brock.. #657


"Matt "Wiggy" Wiggins is a strength coach and author living in Cameron, N.C. Having trained and designed Workout Plans for 16+ years, Wiggy is a strength moderator at mma.tv, columnist for MMAWeekly.com, and an avid fan of Mixed Martial Arts Training. His site, Working Class Fitness.com, is dedicated to designing low-tech, high-result Workout Programs; earning praise from the likes of UFC commentator and martial artist Joe Rogan, Ultimate Fighter alumnus Jules Bruchez, world famous strength and conditioning coach Charles Staley, UFC veteran Leigh Remedios, and others."

mr. wiggins just thought i'd let you know while i agree with your article.. since then carwin has decided to bash fedor thus angering several million fedor fans who instead of supporting carwin have now voiced their support of brock smashing carwins head in like an crushed coconut..

I hate everyone