Why forged irons?

What are the pro's of these clubs? I gather they're harder for non-pros to hit...but how much harder? Worthwhile to invest in a higher end club if I'm shooting mid-high 80s (though that's with hideous putting, lol)

So not worth it? Would it not force me to learn how to properly and consistently swing?

I've spent some time reading up on them, and generally it seems like the cavity back clubs are almost TOO forgiving, and allow one to develop bad habits and a sloppy swing. Thoughts?

What's your handicap BK? And what irons are you using now?

Man, why aren't you playing?

On the other hand, puring one with a forged blade is quite a spectacular feeling.

very true.  it's almost like you're making a practice swing, you don't really feel anything and it sounds like you spit something out of your mouth. 

check out ebay, you can get a set of old forged blades for $100 or less just to fuck around with and see how they feel.  i've got a few sets of blades laying around that i play with every now and then and it's a great feel.  i just don't think my game is good enough anymore to play them all the time so i'm playing my 15 til 9's until i get my shit together. 

15 til 9's?? what does that mean?

tommy armour 845s.  845s...  15 til nines?

LOL...good one!...sorry man..I'm a little slow at times

lol, I just nodded knowingly when I read 15 til 9's, like I knew what it meant. I didn't know either

845 is a great club

Forgiving, but will bite you like a snake with regard to feedback from an off center hit.

Mine were retired as of last friday when my customer G5s came in.