Why Gaethje hopes TFerg breaks his nose

The practice of martial arts prior to MMA was like Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon - all the children were above average. Things changed; mixed martial arts is the application of the scientific method to martial arts:
1. Question - What martial arts techniques work best?
2. Research - Find leading exponents of the various martial arts.
3. Hypothesis - Simple as wheels on luggage, to find out what fighting techniques work best, fight.
4. Experiment - Hold fights. Lots of fights.
5. Data Analysis - Coaches and fighters develop a growing body of knowledge of what works against trained, active resistance.
6. Conclusion - MMA today.

But in addition to being scientific, MMA is a hurting game. Professional fighters are trying to hurt each other. And rarely will that be more true than on Saturday night, when Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson fight for the interim lightweight championship in the main event of UFC 249.

During Tuesday’s UFC 249 media conference call, Gaethje welcomed the coming violence.

“I need my nose broken,” he quipped, as transcribed by Damon Martin for MMA Fighting. “I haven’t been able to breathe through my nose for like 12 years since wrestling. So hopefully one of them elbows cracks my nose. The UFC’s got to pay for that s***. It’s an exciting ass fight.”

"I wanted to fight Tony because I know we’re both some very f***ing special people when it comes to being able to be comfortable when adrenaline is coursing through your veins. It’s not something that is natural. That’s something that has been learned. Been worked on. That feeling when it’s going through my veins, it’s the best drug on Earth. I’m telling you right now.

“The feeling of being in a life or death situation and being able to be comfortable, there’s nothing like it. I know that he is the same way. One of us is probably going to get two bonuses, we’re both getting one bonus and I fight for money. At the time when I said that, I was shooting to be the most exciting fighter in the world. Tony is the best opponent to bring that out of me.”

“I’m looking forward to the storm. I know that for one, we get to put paychecks in our own pockets. We get to put a paycheck in every UFC employee’s pocket that’s going to work this event. We get to inspire people to not give up right now.

“For me, before I was fighting and after I’m fighting, [Ferguson's] the epitome of an athlete — the UFC athlete. He loves violence. He loves carnage. This is a recipe for disaster and I think we both want to be on that card.”

“A fight is a fight and people love violence. That’s what we do best.”


If you are a Justin Gaethje fan, you should check out this Brett Okamoto article on ESPN. Gives you a inside story of what makes this dude tick. Some nuggets: at 2 years old, Gaethje was bitten by a dog. Gaethje chased the dog, put the sucker in a rear naked choke, and bit the dog back.

Ok, just kidding about the RNC but Gaethje did bite the dog back according to his mom!

Really nice story by Okamoto.

UFC 249: Inside Justin Gaethje's journey from a mining town to MMA stardom


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Gaethje is a trainwreck. One of a kind animal. Thanks for story, will read later.

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Gaethje is a trainwreck. One of a kind animal. Thanks for story, will read later.

I initially dropped in to listen to a soundbite or two and ended up listening to the whole 30 minute clip.  This is what the sport largely doesn't have anymore.   Two guys looking to go to war. 


Not who can play "tag" the best, not who can score more "points".  Two guys who want to create some violent artwork.


You just don't see it very often anymore. 

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