Why Google is awesome

I love how Google just makes things that work in a sensible way. Whenever they release something, it just works the way I imagine it should. Perfect example: I was watching a long video on Youtube four days ago on my phone. I had to stop it to do 4th of July stuff but wanted to get back to it. I decided to do so this morning on my computer, I figured the video would start at the beginning and I would need to find where I left off, but no, it continued playing right where I left off 4 days ago.

It's a small thing granted, but such a pleasant surprise, and it's like that with all their products. I can go into gmail and search for one fuckin word in an email I received 3 years ago and it will find it. Sometimes I'm looking for a song but I don't know what the song is called, but I'll remember one or two words and I'll find it.

Are they intrusive? Yes, but so is Apple, so is MS, but they don't work this well.

They IMO they have everyone beat.

Such amazing apps on Google and very easy to use. I've spent hours on Google earth hoping to see some titties no luck though but it is really really cool Phone Post 3.0

I've been really unhappy with Apple lately, I've got a shitty Mac that my dad uses the thing runs at turtle and there is nothing that can be done anymore to speed it up.

This iphone shortly after we got them I became in satisfied with them, the constant updates to shitty ios's and Rush release of products is making me switch. Phone Post 3.0