Why has Dana been so quite about Diaz?

Has he said anything post fight?

After everything that happened im 100% confident that DFW knew Nick had no business at all fighting again. But obviously the Diaz name sells tickets so he didn’t care


you know his reply would be " it is what it is"

“that’s the fight game”


Had no business fighting at all? It was a great fight that was even at 1 round each going into the 3rd. So because Nick lost and had a weird post fight interview (like every Nick fight ever) we’re gonna say the UFC was somehow wrong for booking the guy? They put him in with someone who had lost like 5 out of his last 6 fights and was unranked, and gave him the 5 round fight he asked for. I’m not sure how the UFC did him wrong here.


And got Lawler to agree to 185 so Nick wouldn’t lose any of his purse.


Dana knows what he did. Talks about caring for fighter health…


Haha. Yup.

Or that.

Lawler took that like a man too and still won but that’s fucked up that he lost 15lbs for nothing. Nick was also clearly bigger.


Probably doesn’t know what to say. You know that old golden rule dana goes by about not talking negatively about others…

My guess is he is waiting to see what the PPV numbers are to see if he should come out and tell Nick to retire or say he showed rust and if he wants another shot the company is open to it.

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In hindsight, giving a guy with a 6 years layoff a 5 rounder was a horrible idea.
I was entertained though.

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So quite what?


Partly this, but partly because he doesn’t want to say anything that could fuck up any future fights. He knows he’s not fighting Usman, so Dana shit all over that…but he doesn’t want to say Nick’s done, because he might not be. Sounds like Edwards vs Masvidal is next…what if Masvidal loses 50-45 and looks like shit? Or what if he gets stopped? Nick vs Masvidal would be a fun fight for a PPV if they were in a similar position…and if Masvidal loses his 3rd fight in a row without winning a round, a fight with Nick Diaz makes sense, regardless of how good the guys were who beat him.

Dana is just keeping his options open, and likely wants to talk to Nick. He knows there’s really no BIG fight for Nick, outside of Masvidal…so he likely wants to ask Nick if he even wants to fight again.