Why has Monson/Mir never happened?

Two of the greatest grapplers in the history of the sport. This fight would be very interesting. I'd go for Mir with the sub.

it probably be a striking fight since they are both so good on the ground. i think mir would have the advantage there and eek out a decision since they would be stalemated on the ground.

Actually, I don't think Mir is remotely close to Monson's league on the ground. Have you forgotton Monson's list of grappling accomplishments?

Having said that, MMA is obviously a different animal, and I agree that the fight would likely end up being a striking match.

Why has Tito/Babalu never happened? They were in the UFC together for long enough.

Titanium Rhino - I'd go for Mir with the sub.

I got Monson with sub...hes an absolute animal

 When Mir see's Monson he has flashbacks of Freeman and sucks his thumb.

 good match idea

Mir not even close to being as good on the ground as Monson. Just watch the Mir-Nelson grappling match to see what would happen. Monson would definitely take it if it were pure grappling. That said, in MMA, Mir takes it. I can't see Monson getting Mir to the ground and the reach would be too great.

so that means since i tied Monson in a grappling match I could beat Mir ??? lol

Mir has a size advantage, especially now that he's obsessed with the REAL big boys. If Jeff can't take him down, Mir boxes his face in for a decision.

That said...Jeff WOULD take him down, WOULD smash him in the face, and WOULD put Frankie to sleep.

forrestfan - Why has Tito/Babalu never happened? They were in the UFC together for long enough.

<br />Good question.

 Good question.

Doerksen Boombaye!

I'd pay to see that fight

Mir submitted Monson in a gi match....fucking true story

Cough monson beat him one day later in the no gi cough