Why haven't we heard from the guy involved?

Seems weird that Christy has made a statement but he hasn't.... Phone Post 3.0

War Machine chewed off his thumbs. He can't tweet.

BirdWatcher - Abe you lit people up recently for turning this place into a TMZ mag. Please stick to MMA stragety and alike or be ready to get called out. I liked the DC vs Jones wrestling thread but this......this here....... Phone Post 3.0
This is hardly TMZ, it's relevant information regarding an MBA fighter and a serious event in the sport, hardly comparable to dissecting personalities. Oh, and lol @ at being called out. Haven't I already proven that I enjoy that sort of thing....? Phone Post 3.0

He just pulled out of his fight with Cormier. Hurt his foot scrapping with War mahine

Probably needs time to get his story straight and nurse the injuries on his hands

BirdWatcher - 2 different threads? Content does indeed involve a fighter but yourel border lining, just be honest :) Phone Post 3.0
Not my intention. Phone Post 3.0

Her statement has some plot holes.. WM will have his day in court and I'm reserve judgement for him then.