Why I am mad...by Dougie

Let me try this again, my first thread had a little too much profanity. I have toned it down to avoid the thread being removed.


If you are sick, do not go into work. Do not go into class even.

This week one of my co-workers decided that she wasn't that sick so she came into work. Now, not only do I have a sore throat and having to see a doctor today but so are about 3 other people in the office.

I also cannot go work out, I cannot even sleep in the same room as my Wife because her immune system is down.

So here is the hint. If you are sick, stay the hell home.

No one thinks you are valiantly coming to work to help save the day. In fact, the rest of us think you're quite the moron for doing so and we don't appreciate you giving us the cold.

If you have sick time then use it. Do not show up to places where other people run the risk of catching a cold when you are hawking up rust coloured pleghm and coughing like a rusty saw.

I don't care if YOU don't feel that sick and feel you can get by. Show some decency and stay home. If you don't want to go to the doctor and you just want to ride it out then by all means you could do so but don't bring it to work, working out, or any place really.

You're not helping anyone really by doing otherwise. My entire week is now shot for working out which will totally stress me out, I have to take more time off to see a doctor and I only have so much I need to use for my Wife's appointments, I also have to get checked to see if I can even take my Wife to the clinic and if not then I have to get someone else to do it.


Dougie - Pissed off...

damn straight... stay home.

get well soon dougie.


Thanx Dan.

WTF is wrong with people anyway?

I don't know why they call it "Common Sense" when it isn't that common...

I remember having the same experience when some girl at my workplace came in with pink eye. She gave it to half of us including me. I was something pissed too for the same reasons.

Stay home your not that important!!!!
And nobody loves you!!!!

Hot Toddies work wonders when feeling ill. Or any other time really.

I suppose it'd be different if she had an STD and gave it to everyone but come on, no one wants a cold. Ha ha ha!

Everyone skip off work/school tomorrow to support Dougie's cause!!!


I will write doctor's notes for you all!

'Cause I'm a Doctor of looOOOOOoooove!

To that special someone from Fateh's who e-mailed me to ask if I was talking about them in this post.

No. I am not. This was someone at my work.

However, if you want to make out, we'll have to wait until you're feeling better.

Ha ha ha!

I skipped the last half of cartography class this morning because I thought I had mono. Turns out, the class is just really boring and unnecessary.

Sometimes, I call in "blind". Can't see myself coming in to work today.


Marijuana tea !

it works .

Just got back from the doc. I am not contagious but they want to throw some zithromax anti-biotics at me just in case?

My Doc says that since I never ever really take antibiotics it should 1) kill anything I might have got or 2)give me the scoots.

If I end up shitting myself because this person was too damn stupid to not come into work I am going to save it in a bucket and paint her house with it!


puts on his painting overalls

when i'm sick i usually stay home for a day or two depending on how i'm feeling and then i give everyone fair warning i'm sick. most of the time i come in before i'm required to get a doctor's note to return to work.

however ppl that don't take time off because they are sick are stupid. tho right now me taking time off due to illness can really suck.

last time i was sick at work i went in after a couple days but the secretary was preggo so i had to stay well away from her, even to the point of not helping her because i was sick.

At least you have the decency to stay away. Thank you.


don't ever let Esfiha see you having anal sex without condoms...

I concur. There was this one oaf who decided to come into the lunch room and take up an entire couch to herself. She then proceeded to cough and sneeze and generally expose the entire staff to the infectious denizens of her lungs. One guy actually said, "Why are you here? Go home!" In her arrogance she replied "No, I can't go home, I've got too much to do."
The guy then replied "I don't care - I don't want my weekend ruined because of you. Now go away!" Needless to say the she-oaf didn't leave and we all pretty much ended up contracting what she had.