Why I am mad...by Dougie

WHy do people think they MUST be at work when they are sick?

I hear ya Dougie - sucks when people come in sick and then make you sick. Happened to me many times.

"Why would you come to work sick"- Sometimes people can't afford to take a day off. Othertimes people just lack common courtesy.

You can get sick from a lot of things. Touching ATM machines, Doors, food, etc. How do you even know if a person is contagious and they don't have problems with their allergies, or maybe they're just hung over?

If your so worried about getting sick make sure you was your hands frequently, avoid touching your face with your hands and avoid oafs that are hacking up a storm. Take a multivitamin, drink some green tea and get a flu shot. Then you can complain if you get sick, otherwise you're just as much to blame.

No way man, I am keeping Purell hand sanitizer in business.

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