Why I didnt Fight "JZ"

I have been asked a million times why I didn't fight Gesius "JZ" Calvancanti. Let me just put it as simple as I can. When you train to fight a guy like I was supposed to fight in England "Dave Roche" you know what his strengths and weeknesses are and you know how to train to make the fight go where you want it to go. Thats how the top guys train. They have a gameplan and they train as hard as they can to make it go their way. Dave Roche pulled out for the fourth time we have been scheduled to fight and then they wanted me to fight "JZ" instead. I will say this one time right now for everyone. JZ CALVANCANTI is a legit baddass and is not someone you should fight on a one day notice. I would have to train very hard for someone of JZ's caliber. I respect his fighting abilities and his trainers(especially Liborio) and because I respect him so much I couldn't take a fight with him on such short notice. Don't forget, my last fight was against Sherk on a three day notice and I got put to sleep and tucked into bed. Its time to be smarter about my career...thanks for understanding. Gerald Strebendt


respect that, ttt for Gerald

However, it looks like we are matched up for April for 5X5 minute rounds and for the vacant Cage Warriors Light Weight Title. I will train very hard to stop his Wrestling and I will do my best to watch out for heelhooks and 10 Finger Gillotene's. It will be a good fight and I have already verbally accepted this fight with the Promoter Dougie Truman. Lets do it the right way, Gerald Strebendt

That'a a smart move! Good job Gerald.


This is a career for you! You have the right idea. If you want to go places in MMA you have to be smart about what you do. I don't believe you were backing out and I think you will show everyone how good you can be.

Good luck!

ttt for Strebendt and JZ.

TTT for Strebendt

One day notice sucks... how about when he comes in at 165 when the fight was agreed at 155.

I dont blame you. It is a shame a thread on here made it sound like you backed out of the fight.

lol. joe's being generous. I think joe came in at 152/153 and JZ came in at 167.

JZ weighed in at 70kg on Friday (which i think is 155lbs or roundabouts) We at Cagewarriors worked really hard to save our card and although we would have liked the Gerald/JZ clash to go ahead and Gerald was going to take it. But wisely the Northern Cartel who Gerald trains with here in England helped to convince him to pull him out of the fight

TTT for Gerald a great guy who i consider a friend and a gentleman.

It was great to see you again my friend and i look forward to seeing you again in Engalnd soon.

(And thanks again you know why)

Strebby: You are a class act!!! You have total respect from Denmark, my friend!!!!


Lars Bad Boy



I had a fight with a guy that was signed at 150. I came in at 150, he came at 164... I said he had to make at least 155 (cuz that's my normal fight weight, it SUCKED hitting 150). Now, I knew the fight was gonna happen regardless of his weight, but I wanted to see him cut as much as possible the day of. Any advantage right?

So I_cant_fight, it does happen.. hasn't happened much for me.

Streb can guide his own career, if anyone had a problem with this decision, they don't care about his career.


"Its time to be smarter about my career..."

Yep, that was a smart decision. JZ is a bad ass, and I would rather see you two fight after having trained to battle each other anyway. I can't wait for the fight!

TTT for Gerald, a quality guy; looking forward to seeing you fight in the uk again.

p.s thanks very much for the gift man, and i'm sorry i couldnt be there in person to meet you again.

Gerald, well said.  Best wishes and looking foward to see you and JZ in the ring for the title.

Leave the one day notices to Wes Simms :)

Seems like the smart move to me Gerald. Good luck in the future.

Gerald, no need to explain what happened, but it is cool that you did. Good luck and kick ass.