Why I dont discuss some tactics....

I'm sure some of you remember a few threads where I was criticized for not releasing videos on gun disarms and other infomation I teach the police and the military.

Some of the concepts, methods, angles, modifications, etc are specific to their real world concerns [real opponents, no rules, weapons always present, and so on].

My company has over 30 videos where I share the un-classified applicaitons of my research.

The following emails I received made me think about those discussions and I chose to post this for everyone's benefit.

Stay safe,


The following is a great idea from Rick Furr, a superb trainer from AZ. Stay safe, and stay staunch! Dave Grossman<< Dave, I hope you and the family are well. I have started a campaign to educate the press by attending meetings hosted by the different PIO (Public Information Officers ) Associations to discuss the reasons we should not advise the media of the safety equipment, ( VESTS ) or tactics we might use in dealing with incidents on the street. What I am trying to get down is for the PIO's to never talk about our officers vests. Each time an officer is shot and his vest traps the bullet the media makes such a big deal of it that our PIO's will even show them the vest and it ends up on TV. More officers are being shot in the head than ever before. I have come up with this line, "We will not discuss our officers safety equipment or the tactics may use." So far, the PIO's have liked the idea and say they will make this statement when asked about these types of incidents. I hope to see you in Tampa next week for IALEFI. Rick---------- >>

Some of the modification and elements deviate from 'civilian' self-defense parameters.

Example: Email from an SF friend in Europe:


I hesitate to tell you this, but I got my eardrum ruptured yesterday when an overzealous student SPEARed my head (much harder than appropriate or required for the drill).....Sometimes these guys have problem going
less-than-full-speed. I cant go in aircraft, swim, or do PT for a little while.

During simulations, using the heavy gear, the guys applied the SPEAR as well as everything else very well. The SPEAR, however painful for me, is one of,
if not, the best default skills to share in an abreviated period of time.

Bear in mind, these guys were training to help me train their respective teams, and recieved detailed instruction(not abbreviated), to include most all of the drills you shared to refine the SPEAR. I will heal up....and in the mean time, thanks for providing us with such a functional tactic..as well a alot more.


ANother example:

Recently there was a post by a student [now LEO] who asked some questions regarding a concept, but he accidently included too much law enforcement SOP [in my opinion]in his initial question, now this was probably done because he was tired, distracted with the idea and when we post we are usually alone in our room, giving us the illusion of some intimacy...I deleted the post immediately, because my commitment to that community goes beyond selling more videos. I am always stunned [in a humorous & disbelieving way] when I skim these ads in magazines that assure you you are learning what this military group learned or this SWAT group learned and so on. Its so silly.

ANyhow, I ramble, just wanted to share some thoughts.

Yes the fight is the fight and we all theoretically fight the same guy - the sociopath, but the time, place and limitations or options are often very different.

The only constant between the 'warrior' classes is the mind set of faith, tenacity & commitment, which is why my performance enhancement research and fear management info is available to all.

Stay safe.


intriguing stuff...

Great posts Coach. I think we all need to remember that the LEO community lays it on the line everyday for all of US. Most of us go to work everyday with little chance of serious bodily harm. Yeah it would be cool for us "good guys" to learn gun/knife disarms that the LEO guys use, but that would put that information out there for the "bad guys" as well. Your program has more information than most of us will ever learn in our lifetimes. The best we can do is just keep learning and growing.

Keep safe.

Hal Pierce
PDR Team member


Fantastic posts. I just want thank Tony and the other Coaches/trainers like him(though few and far between) that have such integrity, honesty and genuine love and respect for LEOs. It truly shows through when you attend Tony' seminars, listen to his audio tapes,or watch and watch and watch his videos..or by what ever mode you are able to obtain his teaching.

I do agree that there are some tools,tactics and strategies that should remain strictly in the LEO's aresenal/toolbox. This is a must if we are to continue striving to enhance officer survivablity.

Thanks from all of us. Keep up the great work!

Thanks Charlie! See you soon in St. Pete's!


It going to get out sooner or later, I dont see how its not going to find its way in a few years on some LEO tape for sale in Kung fu or Karate magazines.