Why I love zuffa ;)

Just received the UFC supernatural show in full from UFC.

Happy happy joy joy :)


had it 10 days ago

Who needs Zuffa when you have broadband...


justin post me a copy i will post u back money for the postal fee, cheers champ, u lucky fucker

One word: bastard...

Are all the dark/prelim matches on the net??


Nope. Stuff on the net is just a rip of the PPV.
(until the DVD is released to the masses of course)


What inspired you to come on here and rub THAT in?

Still doesnt changfe the fact u look like ron jeremy :)

i watched it on PPV :), my plane got in 2 hours before it started.

Hamish let Neil know that I have the tape, he was sending me one.


Cheers Justin, and sorry bout the delay on my part. You got my mail eh?

Oh someone's GOT to hook me up. I'll pay.

Oh someone's GOT to hook me up. I'll pay.

Sorry, though it was worth repeating.

Italian dictionary gives;

zuffa = fight, scuffle, fray

Interesting bit of UFC trivia.


(edited due to weird symbol appearing from cut and paste from dictionary site!)