Why I think Matt Hughes WIll Win!!

1) The element of surprise isn't there: BJ was much, much quicker than anything Matt has seen in his division, which he's become quite comfy in, in some time. BJ's quickness and technical speed surprised Matt. Matt tried going BJJ vs. BJJ against a black belt caliber athlete. He knows now to never do this again... I expect nothing but GnP. Charuto, from what I've seen lacks that quickness and dynamic. He's all about technique, but he's older... BJ's so much more vigorous from what I've seen.

2) Hughes has a lot of tools that we didn't see against BJ... I have a feeling he didn't train for the BJ fight the way he should have, based strictly on his reaction to the challenge BJ presented at every available opp he had to answer questions about it. Point Blank, he did not respect BJ enough.

3) Matt knows what he needs to do to win this fight, which is something he did not know going into the BJ Penn fight. He's always taken his greatest lessons from his losses, and even he will be the first to tell you that he needs the challenge to *mentally* stay in the game. He barely even trained for Sherk, and for him to take an athlete like that with limited immediate training, says much more than some punk on a net forum can.

4) Charuto's technical application against Newton is enough of a yardstick for me to see that Charuto grapples like a BJJer, which is not what beat Hughes... Hughes is used to this on many levels. What beat Hughes was getting knocked to his back and trying to play the half guard from the bottom, rather than gettin the fuck back up and fighting his fight. Make no mistakes... when Hughes is on, there is no beating him at that weight class, period. BJ is incredible. He was the anomaly. However, I do not believe it's accurate in any assessment for us to assume that just because the student bested someone, that the teacher can just walk in and do the same. It's almost a dig on Hughes.

5) And speaking of digging on Hughes... I really dig him, as a fighter, how he represents himself and our sport, and the influence he's had on the entire UFC. He's shaped his division from top to bottom, turning it from what could've been the open-ended clusterfuck that the heavyweight class has become, and instead, bringing the middleweight class the prominence and a reputable name. Respect that man, if for nothing else, for his contribution to our game, and hisn continual domination of those beneath him. Charuto will become one of those, I have a feeling. He's a great fighter, but few who fight at Hughes' class are ready for his strength and intensity.

And believe me folks... this time, he's pissed.

I agree. Hughes by brutal gnp.

6) Listing a bunch of junk on the internet has no effect on outcomes of fights. we saw the why Tito will win lists, why Cro Cop will win, why Ken will win..

Bouts aren't settled with logic.

Fletch is 100% correct.

Ghost... nice post... and that's coming from one of Charuto's students... :)

Only thing I would debate with is Matt Hughes' training for BJ's fight...
You commented that he didn't take the fight seriously, but many (including himself) stated that he trained more for that fight than just about any he's had previously... saying he went back to training immediately after the Trigg fight...
Not that that has much bearing on his upcoming fight with Charuto, which I'm sure he's also taking very seriously... like you mentioned, it being one of his fights coming back from a loss and all...

I also agree with you on the whole teacher/student position... I think it's pretty silly to think that just because a student is a great fighter that the teacher is the same great fighter...
Nope... Charuto's a great fighter as well, but that has nothing to do with his teaching... more to do with his own training and how hard he works at his game...

The one thing that many DIDN'T get to see in Charuto's fight against Newton was the full range of his striking ability... as many already know he ended up breaking his thumb in the very first punch thrown in that match...
Prior to the Newton fight every single one of Charuto's matches ended with a KO/TKO...

And I thought your comments at the end about Hughes were also right on...
To do anything but respect him for what he's accomplished thus far is ridiculous... He's a great fighter STILL... (losing to BJ didn't make him any less of a threat or dangerous) and has been nothing but good for this sport...
Apart from the fact that he's fighting our coach who we'll obviously be cheering for... watching him fight anyone outside of our camp, I'm sure I'd be cheering FOR Hughes...

Either way, I think this will be the fight of the night and the fans are gonna' be the winners for sure...

TTT for wolverine!

Your my new favourite poster Ghost.

Fucking outstanding summation. Particularly point 5.

i think its more mental with matt, he seemed like he was tired of being the champ and almost lost the drive to push himself... ill probably bet on hughes but charuto seems like a tough nut to crack

...now if you could only post with this kind of 'intelligent insight' without being a redneck, foul mouthed, little shit, punkass tard the rest of the time, you still might be able to win The UG Rookie of the Year!!!!

Don't get pissy because he shared his experience on the fighting arts elsewhere Wasa-B. People do actually post their real fellings and experiences on things, and I welcome it, despite how many accusations of hating they may cop.

Seems Ghost and Hughes have something in common in the honesty stakes.

Dont get pissy because I started sharing my experiences on the tard postings ghost posted elsewhere, pulsar. people actually do post their real feelings and opinions on things, so welcome it.

Besides, i was being piss positive for piss sakes. I mean, i am still supporting him on his quest to be the UG big shot that he wants be so bad.

Keep tarding, Ghost, you can do it!

I mean: Keep bangin, Ghost, you can do it, BRO!!!!!!!!

Wasa-B: you just waisted my time by reading your wanna-be funny posts. Woulda been great if they were. Asspirate.

Ghost: I agree with alot you've said. However,... lol... for some strange reason, I think Renato can pull off a win. Not because of his bjj, but because of how good he is as a fighter. He is very well rounded. I don't really think Matt is... but thats MY opinion (sucks that I have to say that everytime so people don't cause 10 pages of rage over my own personal opinions.). Many have not seen Renato aside from his mma debut against Newton. Sure Hughes is powerful as hell, and can control most of his opponents, but....

--- actually nevermind, I'm talkin to you in aim right now, lol.

"The one thing that many DIDN'T get to see in Charuto's fight against Newton was the full range of his striking ability"

I am going to watch his two knockouts in the ROTR shows tonight... I've heard they are exemplary of his tact and poise in high-heat striking situations, something Matt has PAINFULLY lacked in some of his fights.

And to be honest, brother, it wouldn't surprise me if Charuto DID tap out or KO Hughes... but I'd have to say that based on the performance he put up against Newton, his ground technique and what not... he did a masterful job of controlling the fight and working Newton down to nearly no threat whatsoever as the fight pressed on. His posture and hips are unreal.

I look forward to an incredible fight put on by two of the best in the world, but by no means can I cleanly give this to either fighter. It took me a long time to determine which fighter I believed more in, and about match-ups like this, I tend to analyze.

Now, for the fanclub.

Fletch, fuck yourself.

Wasa-B, fuck yourself.

Guys who praised me... I've been writing like this all along. I tend to disregard the P's and Q's when people get ravenous, but all in all, I am only here to share opinions. If that really, truly offends you, you probably oughta leave mma.tv head on over to richardsimmons.com or something.

Go Hughes!!!!

Hughes said after BJ Penn him "I underestimated you."

Hughes will not underestimate any fighter again.

...and then after beating Charuto he will say to him: "I beat you because Ghost said I would, BRO."

"Guys who praised me... I've been writing like this all along..."

- hey, dude, i was joking about the UG award thing, enough with the acceptance speech already.

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