Why I'm choosing Wii u over Xbox and PS4

Let me start off by saying I love all my systems. I have a Wii Xbox 360 and a PS3. I consider myself lucky there. I've been following all the launchs with the new systems. The things that bother me with the new systems are not there with the Wii u.

Xbox one not backwards compatable, even with arcade from what I hear. PS4 I heard is the same. Xbox is NOT online only, but I hear you have to connect at least once a day. Have not heard anything like that for PS4, though, so that's good. You have to pay a fee for used games, which I understand is 3rd party stuff, but it still hate that. I hear PS4 is also doing the same possibly. With internet these days, I never watch cable or satelite. I have Netflix and Hulu for that shit. I don't need to watch TV on my Xbox.

Wii u is like honey badger and don't give a shit. It's backwards compatable, games and controllers (I'm sure if you look hard enough, there's probably somewhere you can plug in your SNES games!). I've never had any faulty Nintendo systems. Not one complaint through out my child hood through adult hood. I still have all my old systems, NES, SNES, 64, GAMECUBE, WII, GAMEBOY, SP, DS...etc. I even have a friggin VIRTUAL BOY! No, wait, let me correct myself. ONE complaint. The virtual boy is only red and black graphics. BUT THAT'S IT!

I know the Wii u is not doing too hot in sales. But what that tells me is this holiday season, there probably will be a price drop, imo.

I know, I know. I should just stick with PC.

I'm heading home in a bit, so I won't be able to responde until later.


Wii u already had a price drop
You will be able to stream ps3 games on ps4..and eventually ps2 and ps1 games

Itd b worth getting ps4 or xbox one cuz of the graphics..or high end pc...u can still keep you're wii u tho (like me ;) ) Phone Post

Damn. Maybe I'll just have to buy all of them. Haha! Phone Post 3.0

I dislike the controller, and my wii sits in my shelf collecting dust.... So I don't really have any interest in the WiiU.

If you think you'll like it then go for it man. Phone Post

Frat summary:

Backwards compatibility should be seen as a bonus, and not a deciding factor.  You already have the games and the old system, use them.

Begin frat:

IIRC, only certain games are "backwards compatible" for Wii U.  Wii U has something they call the virtual console.  With that you can download old games to play.  Not every older game is offered though.  Yes, the Wii U does support Wii disks.  You can not use old cartridges, like original SNES games. 

For the most part, backwards compatibility is a myth, most of the time.  Generally, only certain, previous generation, games will work. 

I may get voted down for saying what I'm about to say, but here goes:

Why do gamers feel they are so entitled?  We buy a game for the XBox, and expect it to work on the next console?  That doesn't make any sense to me.  Why should a company waste money and time, to create code to allow old games to work on newer hardware?  We have the old hardware, that's why we bought the games.  If you want to play the old games, use the old system.

Nintendo is doing it only to generate revenue, and others, like Sony, might follow them.  Do you like to buy games multiple times?  That's the way Nintendo is doing it, so they can charge you for them, again. 

"You can not use old cartridges, like original SNES games."

DAMN! :-) Phone Post 3.0

You have Virtual Boy?! Damn!

Right now, the PS4 seems more appealing to me than the XBone. I already own a Wii U and despite the drought of games, have enjoyed it immensely. To me, the Wii U is a games console first, media second, while the PS4 and especially the XO look to be media consoles first, games second.

This gen going forward will probably be WiiU/PS4 combo. We'll see what happens at E3. Phone Post 3.0

I don't get the backwards compatibility obsession... did you throw away your 360 when you bought the new one?

CharlesLewis -

I don't get the backwards compatibility obsession... did you throw away your 360 when you bought the new one?

Feel the same way, keep your old systems and games and when you get the urge to play hook it up. Problem solved. Phone Post 3.0

If they cut the price to $250 for the pro model and included a copy of New Super Mario Bros Wii U then I'd get it. I think what is hurting Nintendo is that the economy is still not very good. I think a lot of people are just going to go with one system this Gen, Nintendo's systems are pretty much a secondary system if you have extra money lying around.

Where will the better games be? Ps4 and Xbox 1 or wii u.

The ps4 and Xbox 1 are going to be such massive gaming consoles, you are goin g to miss out on what they can do because if backwards capability?

I'm not really bothered about my old games. It's annoying, but certainly not a deal breaker. Phone Post 3.0

I'm getting PS4 purely because I love RPG's and they were basically non-existent on the Wii and the Xbox looks beyond disappointing at the moment. Who knows. Phone Post 3.0

Really the only reason I can see chosing a Wii U over the other 2, is if you are a hardcore PC gamer.

The Wii U will give you a different experience and different games than what the PC will. PS and XBox really won't.

bully I can understand and appreciate your well thought out post and MOS DEF agree with the assessment of just having Netflix and Hulu ...cable and satellite is freaking garbage and a ripoff contractual blackmail tactic.

sure always liked the concept of backwards compatability but I never had that on my systems and tended to have more than one system to play old games on.

heck even with PS3 you can download old games without having to even get a disc or having a previous system..
just downloaded MEgaMan 9 and 10 on PS3 from the psn store and guess what..those came on freaking Nintendo SNES lol :)

like someone said you can stream old games n all so don't aggravate yourself nor limit your self the full package of gaming dude :)

Have fun with all those great games Nintendo has announced for the Wii U.

oh wait

For me that whole, has to connect every 24 hours thing is a deal breaker, no fucking way in hell they are getting a cent of my money if they try this bullshit. If Sony goes along with the same thing then I will be getting my first gaming pc and a Wii U.

eXtv - Have fun with all those great games Nintendo has announced for the Wii U.

oh wait
Haha! Ya, that part sucks. They better get going on some games. Phone Post 3.0

I ended up selling my Wii-U. There were no games for it and none that caught my attention in the near future. Phone Post 3.0