why i'm glad about Silva Loss

first let me say i thought he won!

but i'm glad they gave him the loss because he gets so much crap given to him it's unbelievable!!!!

what was the deal with the restart in the corner when hunt had him really hurt.

they were a foot away from the friggin ropes!

oh wait i know what it was lets call for a restart in the center so silva can take 60 seconds to get his witts together again!

same thing that cost dan henderson the victory when he fought silva. it was a horrible to for a ref to step in. hunt possibly could have finished him there. i dont think he would have but it was very possible!

i will take the silence as a sign of how correct i am!

So they gave him a gift restart so he could recover, then gave out a decision most don't agree with? So did they want him to win or to lose?

listen up numb nuts!!!

i'm not saying that DSE put it out there that Silva should win!

i'm saying he gets the benefit that other fights don't get!

anyother fighter in that situation other than possibly fedor and nog does not get that restart, maybe 10 -15 seconds later.