Why is Cro Cop #2?

It seems most American fans consider Cro Cop #2, even after his loss to Fedor.

What has Cro done special that Mino hasn't? They both have an impressive winning streak (minus losses to Fedor), but Minotauro's streak is a little better.

You can't say Cro has faced tougher competition, because they both have.

Also, Mino finished Cro Cop in their fight.

I never considered Cro Cop #2, but I understood that he was getting a shot at Fedor, so he was the number 1 contender. That doesn't mean ranked #2, but it's understandable that people would think that.

But at this point, common sense and logic would not be able to rank Cro higher than Mino.

ttt for common sense and logic.

I agree the chief. Probably has something to do with that Mino is Brazilian or something.

their records are very close in terms of the competition they have beaten

Crocop's big wins are Barnett, Coleman, Randleman, Igor, Little Fedor, Herring, Fujita twice, Waterman and many Japanese guys

Mino beat Coleman, Goodridge, Sapp, Herring twice, Inoue, Crocop, and some smaller guys (Ricco R. pretty much won that fight even though neither did shit)

Crocops wins were also more dominant, maybe that is what they go by, i would say Crocop deserves the no. 2 slot even though Mino beat him, Crocop was winning the entire fight

"Crocop was winning the entire fight "


Mino also beat Kharitonov but by a couple of extra jabs as i remember, he doesn't own people like Crocop does

"Up until the armbar he was handing Mino his ass. "

its a shame they dont hand out half victories then

"Up until the armbar he was handing Mino his ass. "

From my memory, Cro cop won Rd. 1, and Mino dominated Rd. 2 up until the finish.

Cro-Cop is my favorite heavyweight, but I'd have to rank him #3, with Noguiera's win over him, and Cro-Cop's loss to Randleman.

Fedor beat Nogueira more decisively, if that counts for anything.

It's really a "pick 'em" after #1, and hard for me to get too excited about #2 vs. #3 besides.


It is very hard to speparate the two.

Fedor made Nog look so bad, I think that's why he gets ranked below Cro-Cop. However, I think that Nog should be #2.


I'd have him at 4, with Arlovski at 3 - going off results.

Fedor 1
Arlovski 2
Cro Cop 3
Mino 4

Definately mino at #2. I can't think of anyone that would beat Mino other than Fedor.

Crocop vs Mino would be an interesting rematch.

Talking recent win/loss ration NO RESPECT. I'm saying Arlovksi, has the better more convincing reults yes.

I previously ranked Cabbage as #1, and Justin Eilers as #2... that is why I rank Arlovski as #1.


Mino should be #2 no question. He and Cro-cop seem very even for #2 and #3... only Mino has beat him.

Arlovsky beat Tim Sylvia who has only beaten one top heavyweight (Ricco R.), Cabbage who can't seem to win much, Vladdy who was out of his weight class, Freeman who is so so, and Eilers who had just lost by KO.

Crocops wins are far more impressive than Arlovsky's, Arlovsky looks fast and great when he wins for sure, but Crocop's opponents top his

Coleman, Randleman, Igor, Little Fedor, Barnett, Fujita twice, Waterman, Herring, and many little japanese men

who the fuck cares whos ranked over who? just watch the fucking fights and shut the fuck up already. you act like a bunch of bitches.


By the way, I was totally kidding about Eilers and Cabbage. Jeez!

So having them ranked like this is "fucking retarded"?

Cro Cop.

Cro Cop JUST lost, he's lost every fight against a top 5 guy - sure Arlovski hasn't fought those top 5's yet, but results as they stand are encouraging for Andrei. Also look at how dominant he was in those fights. Cro Cop's fights have been bodgy.

Coleman (hasn't won in years), Randleman (LHW), Igor (LHW), Little Fedor(good win), Barnett(LOL), Fujita twice (who has he beaten recently?), Waterman (again, and?!?), Herring (good win).

You're rankings have Arlovski 2 spots higher, but all the others the same, was it THAT much different for you to give me a blast like that?

Fuck off next time, K?