Why is Din's injury different??

To start, Din is one of my favorite fighters and this is not a Din bashing thread...but why is his injury looked at as an excuse for his loss to Florian when fighters go into fights hurt all the time, and get hurt in fights all the time?

Off the top of my head...BJ seperated a rib against Hughes. It was due to BJ attmepting to take the back, and not from a punch or anything. He looked like shit after that and lost the fight shortly after the injury. It was not the intent of Hughes to injure his rib.

Gonzaga suffered a broken nose that made it impossible to breathe through his nose and blood was dripping down his throat. Same thing applies here. Randy slammed him, but it was a clash or heads that broke his nose and made it near impossible for Gonzaga to breathe. Some say it was GG's own knee that broke the nose, but either way, it wasn't the intention of the move...not like it was a strike that did the damage.

Vera broke his hand in the fight with Sylvia early on. Again, Timmy did nothing but eat a punch to cause that.

Didn't shogun have a torn ACL before the Griffin fight?

There have been numerous cases similar to these, and I have never heard Hughes win over BJ called into question or Randy beating GG either...or any of the other cases when guys either come in with injuries or get injured in the fight.

Yet, in the case of Din Thomas vs. Kenny Florian, Din injured his knee and lost shortly after, and everyone FREAKS OUT and acts as if the win is not legitimate and Din deserves a rematch. You always hear "Kenny's biggest win is over Din and he won due to a self inflicted injury." You never hear anyone point to Hughes' win over BJ and say "Hughes biggest win in years was over BJ and he won due to a self inflicted injury."


Racist, imo.

 Because lots of guys hate Florian and are determined to believe he is purely a TUF-manufactured fighter who cannot beat anyone good.

I've had this arguement before and guys always attack the broken hand and say "well, he had other weapons."

So did Din. They were on the mat, he could have tried to get his guard back and work submissions from the bottom.

I think Orcus has guillotined the correct.

Excellent thread and CLEARLY illustrates a very valid point.

There is no difference.

The only thing is that it's a way for certain folks who have truly unfounded opposition for KenFlo to try to discredit him.

I agree that it's because guys dislike Florian...but I'm looking for one of the haters to come on and prove me wrong.

I'm also not sure why guys hate him. They hated guys like Diego and Forrest too, but ultimately warmed up. Kenny is still the most hated TUF guy. Also, people shit on Lauzon too, but seem to LOVE Nate Diaz...I can't figure out why either. I hear about Nate "well he's asking for and taking the tough fights." when his last win was over Robinson...who is a tough fight when Nate beats him, but is referred to as a can when Kenny beat him.

If Nate wins tonight, everyone will be talking about how great Nate is, and will still hate on Kenny, even if he wins.

"I think you'd rather fight with a broken hand...opposed to a fucked up knee"

right, but what about a seperated rib or broken nose with blood in the throat?

i am stupider for reading this crap!

 Nate is a Diaz, and is coming from a recent season of TUF when it's kind of more accepted. Kenny was one of the first of the "why the fuck are these reality show guys getting fights". The fact that he wins them all, by finish no less, just makes them more mad.

I'm sure D3structo will be on here soon to tell you why Florian sucks.

"Kenny is still the most hated TUF guy."

Koscheck has to be up there. I don't mind Kenny at all, but I notice people always say he "tries to win by cut."

I agree that KOS is up there, but nobody debates his legitimacy as a fighter. Nobody debates that he's a top 10 fighter. People seem to hate KOS, but respect his skills. Everyone seems to hate everything about Kenny without any respect for his skills.

Dins knee was injured before the fight. Because he is a man and cares about you assholes(fans) he fought anyways. I told him to pull out but he was the main event & felt obligated.

Kenny is an awesome fighter but I think a rematch with a healthy Din would be different.


TrainJudo - Racist, imo.

A win is a win.However, its a tough loss for a guy that dominates the entire fight up until the point he gets injured and winds up losing. Bottom line is the injured guy lost.

watch the replay of that knee getting blown out.

I don't understand the Kenny bashing. The guy did well on TUF fighting above his natural weight, and has looked better and better each fight.

"there is no difference in those situtations and din's. the people who like din more than kenny (or like bj, gonzaga, vera or shogun, respectively) said the injury made the difference. the people who like the fighter's opponent more, like you obviously like kenny, said the outcome would have been the same without the injury. it's just a matter of bias. i think there are an equal number of kenny supporters and haters on this board."

You're right...I like Kenny more than Din, but I still like Din a ton. I like BJ more than Hughes, and I can't stand Hughes, and while I think BJ wins a rematch, I don't refer to Matt's win as BS.

TrainJudo - Racist, imo.



"Dins knee was injured before the fight. Because he is a man and cares about you assholes(fans) he fought anyways. I told him to pull out but he was the main event & felt obligated.

Kenny is an awesome fighter but I think a rematch with a healthy Din would be different.


Joe Lauzon had a torn meniscus and was scheduled for surgery before the Menjivar fight. We all told him it was a bad idea to fight with a knee injury and he did anyway. The fight ended by calf slicer and Joe said it didn't hurt but he felt his knee being ripped apart.

I like lauzon more than menjivar but I don't try to discredit the win for Ivan.

I apologize if you think I'm an asshole. As I said, I'm a huge Din Thomas fan and he's one of my favorite 155ers the UFC has. I just don't understand why people discredit Kenny because of it...and we all still hated Tim Sylvia for his back injury excuse against Randy. He also needed surgery and nobody discredits Randy.