Why is Everyone Betting on Royce?

Hughes vs. Gracie opened on Pinnacle with Matt a solid 4/1 favorite. It looks like all the money has been coming in on Royce. Hughes' moneyline has now fallen from -400 all the way to -286.

Look, I'm as big a Royce Gracie fan as there is, but I'm puzzled by this trend. The terms of this fight are so stacked against Royce that it isn't even funny: short fight, short rounds, frequent stand-ups, judges that overvalue takedowns / top position, etc. I would love to see Royce pull this one out, but he will have to overcome tremendous odds. I just don't understand why the public is so eager to play him in this fight---is everyone betting with their hearts?

people think that royce will be able to get the sub..... before this weekend i would have bet the house on hughes, but after watchin timmay beat aa anything is possible

value bet

not too mention Hughes has been known to get caught by a submission expert in the past

Hallman x2

Charuto all but had him triangled aswell

so its not exactly a bad bet

Why not take an underdog who knows some1 may get lucky and win

Because old school fans remember Royce choking out cats twice Hughes size. I wouldn't bet on him.....but damn sure wouldn't bet against him. Alot of people talk about how Royce is gonna get steamrolled, but very few of them will put their money where their mouth is (hence the line).

You won't win much money betting on Hughes, with those odds. Why not take a risk on Royce, who is a live underdog?

I will start campaigning for Hughes early in hopes of finding a bet. Everytime I seek a bet I cannot find a willing taker. Maybe it's because everone knows I'm so damn smart and never lose a pick. That's why no one took Sylvia when I was picking Arlovski! Or no one took me up on Liddell when I had Couture in their last fight. Hmmm......


waits for more fools to bet on royce and get the line on hughes down to -200

its the year of the upset in mma.



those are ridiculously low odds on Hughes.  I hope they dip even lower so I can capitalize

Royce Gracie will pull off a stunning upset when he submits Matt Hughes.

when asked where he saw the line moving in the pinnacle wagering forum, joey stated the following:

"Depends on whether the players think these fighters are on the up and up at 175lbs for no title. No tellin what the public thinks. Matt's supposed to dominate Highes, no gi you would think. Charuto is prob better no gi than Gracie."

interesting to say the least...

wishful thinking and or just a need to loose money...


Nothing against Royce but do you think someone taught him the phrase "Built this house" and he thought it was really cool or something so thats why he uses it in every other sentence he says?

"What would you like for breakfast Royce?"

"Ice cream and mashed potatos"


"Because I built this house!"

In all seriousness, Royce is an underdog but he could pull off a submission and take Hughes down. There is no
'Safe' bet in this fight at all.

Loyalty to the one who started it all. Royce always has a chance to win,he's a smart and skilled fighter. Hughes will certainly be a challenge though!

Trying to make a lucky score. Banking on an upset, I guess.

"I will submit him, choke him out. Help him up. Send him home." -RG

Silvia vs. Arvoloski was almost 4:1 as well, and I scored nicely on that one...

I agree that Hughes should be the favorite here. However, given his past toubles with "technical submission freaks" It makes for an attracive risk reward ratio to take the bet... On that note, there are very few that are as "technically freakish" as Royce.