Why is Henderson not in the UFC?

He's got the connections, I don't think Pride has a contract on him.

Is there something I'm missing?

Lindland is in his weightclass, and Randy is right above, my guess

I wish Henderson would fight in the UFC, he is my favorite fighter.

He's said in interviews that he and Matt have no problem fighting each other, that's not the issue. He also stated in interviews that UFC never made him an offer when his contract was up with Pride. For whatever reason UFC is apparently not interested.

He's one of the worlds top fighters. What would the UFC want with him?

The UFC will drag Baroni back again and again but won't bring a classy incredibly talented fighter like Henderson in?

Think about Henderson v. Murray....


UFC is making it glaringly clear they aren't interested in respectable talented fighters.

"UFC is making it glaringly clear they aren't interested in respectable talented fighters."

What!!! They just signed Tank v. ken Shamrock for god sakes! They support the real fans of he sport.

he also had a torn ACL and that takes a lot of time to recover from!

He already fought Busta after his torn ACL.

He has an existing Pride contract which pays him pretty well.

Zuffa can keep Baroni, I'll watch Dan fight in Pride.

$ is the #1 reason imo...

Zuffa cant pay what pride is paying him...


I'd love to see Henderson in the UFC

the ufc should be begging him to be back, because it would finally lift the Bustamante curse off the middleweight division.

they should also be begging Frank to come back, but wtf

A guy like Hendo would be paid very well for fighting in The UFC, even for a first fight back. I am guessing they (ZUFFA and Dan) just haven't gotten together about this yet, as I think Dan could really be a fan favorite. He could also reign as champ a long time ... if given the chance to fight for the belt, that is.

I just think both he and Horn deserve to be in there, why not let them have their return bouts back to The UFC be against each other?

i still wanna see henderson/hughes

Hendo is awesome...i want to see him rematch silva...so he should stay there...besides...they pay him better there most likely

Might have something to do with getting over 100 from Pride