Why Is Hendo Not Fighting Machida?

Would have made far more sense all the way around - especially with Rampage dying to get on the Feb. 26 Japan card, where a rematch vs. Shogun would clearly be the ideal matchup for him - and Zuffa.

But now, wouldn't having Shogun come back on Feb. 26 after having fought Hendo on Nov. 19 be a bit of a stretch, particularly with Shogun's conditioning history being what it is?

And please, let's not persecute Machida over the "Anderson Silva money" remark.  That situation brings to mind the REO Speedwagon lyrics: "In your letter, you said you didn't want me, you said you didn't need me, but you could have said it better."  Yeah, Machida's camp could have said it better - but it's not worth rubber-hosing his career over.

 Because he's fighting Shogun. 

BTW, nice REO ref.  Not many people know that song I'd imagine.

With Machida there could be the possibility that he comes and fights a counter-fight the new fans won't understand. I think he would be aggressive but Dana doesn't want to take that chance he is too elusive and people boo. Phone Post

Because Machida is fighting Phil Davis

 Nov 19 to Feb 26 is just over 3 months... Shoguns last fight at UFC 134 to his Nov 19 bout is also separated by 3 months.. so any japan match up is still possible..

They fucked over my boy Machida because he didn't "step up" up to fight Rashad and save the UFC's ass.

I hope he gets a fight soon, Machida is my fave fighter hands down!

Phil Davis

Because he demanded more money and Dana will now have him sit until the end of the year and fight possibly in the co-main event or lower.

Hendo vs Page for the LHW title in Japan would be fucking EPIC!!! I doubt it will happen like that but you never know. They need to have Nog fight on that card thought that's for sure.