Why is it Allowed???

This thread is to address all the troll activity on the UG lately.

The moderators on this site used to be very strict about content on the UG,which was why the OG was invented so the trolls would have a place to excersise thier wit.

This was great for awhile,if you wanted fights news or had fight info to share you went to the UG,if you wanted to just shoot the shit or troll the forum,you went to the OG.


Why are trolls allowed troll the UG with 10 Kimbo threads or threads about Vanilla Ice?

What is worse is that alot of forum members encourage these trolls because they get a kick out of thier humor.Im not trying to be a stick in the mud but most of the attempts at humor just fall short in my book and make these dipshits out to look like 14 yr olds.

Why are these guys allowed to spam the UG with non-fight related threads or obvious troll jobs??


I hear crickets chirping! CHIRP CHIRP!! I love you man!!!

it is allowed because these days a lot of the mods are former trolls

I really don't mind it.

The UG seems to take itself just a little too seriously.

If I accidentally post an OG related topic here, you can actually see by the change in responses when a moderator moved it to the OG.

It bugs me whem quality threads get bumped down because a certain troll creates 5 new threads a day about basicly nothing.

I come to the UG for fight news or results or just to shoot the breeze about upcoming matches and what not.If i wanna laugh or i want non fight related topic i go to the OG.

I just appreciate any fans mma gets. If they want to talk about kimbo instead of a real fighter so be it.

And vanilla ice is sweet

I think Vannila Ice is ok,he made some bad business deals which kinda led him into the flash-in-the-pan type status,but he seems like a cool guy to hang out with these days.

Maybe we need a one hit wonder forum??

there are certain people on here I find very annoying, but I don't say anything, it's not worth it, plus so many people seem to like the annoyance anyway

actually vanilla ice seems like a dick from that show on vh1, the surreal life

Hey dudley, I think you just had a bad day at the DOJO dude. Just grab a cold one, sit back, pop in a video of Tito being beaten silly by a real fighter like Randy, and you will be OTAY Spanky.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. If you hate the Vanilla Ice kind of threads, why are you commenting on him above? I think this calls for an investigation of your thread history to see what you've created and responded to in the past....LOL.

Oh, I get it now. This was all a joke. You are fishing. You had me there for a second dude. I love you bro!!!

I haven't seen any Vanilla Ice threads.

I like big tits.

I dont like Kimbo threads.

Im sorry man but you are all fuckin trolls and I have not seen one good topic or any good info this forum is 3rd rate now its a shame! My opinion

I like vaginas.

Neer's my daddy

The trolls hate our freedom

Doesnt Ice have a MMA clothing company?

That would make threads about him and it relevant.

Not to my knowledge he doesnt.

They need a OMA forum so him and his fans have a place to gather and those of us who have no interest in him can be happy.

Jaydub is 110% correct.

  -dudley (TM)

You could just go to Nutthugger.net A.K.A. Sherdog`s.

You will learn to appreciate this place real quick.


thank god someone feels the same way!
preach on!

people attracted to this board through the posting of stupid shit are not new fans of MMA, they're old fans of stupid shit and thats all they'll ever associate and view MMA and its real fans as ...

get the trolls back on the OG!