Why is it Allowed???

ttt for a troll free environment...

tjmitch has the correct!

I ate a monster burger today!!!!!!!!!!!!1

"Im sorry man but you are all fuckin trolls and I have not seen one good topic or any good info this forum is 3rd rate now its a shame! My opinion"

*sticks tongue out at torque*

I think we need to get Kirk on this thread to answer THE question:WHY IS IT ALLOWED??

I agree with dudly. The biggest troll problem to me isnt the off topic
crap that randomly gets posted.

The biggest troll issue, is when people post bullshit fight information
or just write up out of control obviously stupid things that are actually
MMA related to stir shit up.


If anyone is offended by a thread, or member of the page, please email Kirik@mma.tv with the thread title and any words of explanation. I am in Japan for Smack Girl, and my email is screwed up, so please wait an hour or two to email me.

XP Magus is right.

Trolls post threads that seem somewhat fight related but in all honesty damn near everyone knows they are BS.