Why is Justin Fields starting in the NFL?

He’s completed 15 passes in two games.

Mooney is a decent recevier.

Kmet has hands of stone

Lol at Luke coaching Rodgers to multiple MVPs. Rodgers success was not due to Luke.

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Well, thankfully I didn’t say he was the reason for the MVP’s. I stated facts, so go ahead and dispute them if you can. Now go ahead and tell me what Fields has done to lead anyone to believe he is good and his coaches suck?

No but you brought it up for a reason to paint him better then what he is.

Tell me what Chicago has done with their player personnel decisions that will help him succeed.

Their roster is awful. No QB is gonna look good with thag group of players. People though Brady was done his last year in NE because his team sucked. Fields aint Brady by a long shot but you cant accurately evaluate QBs when they are in a bad situation.

So again, not his fault. Got it. Any other multi-year failed QB’s drafted in the top 11 who don’t get blamed for their performance? It’s just strange to me that he gets such a pass. Top drafted QB’s almost never go to teams that are good.

Hes not getting a pass. Its recognizing that it takes time and factoring the position he was placed in.

“Any other multi-year failed QB drafted in the top 11 who didnt get blamed for his performance”?

Josh Allen, Peyton Manning…every heard of those guys before?

Let’s add Aikman and Elway to the mix.

I was thinking about this the other day while watching trubisky and the steelers.

Has there ever been a top 10-15 drafted qb who failed with his original team and went on to have success with another team? Like winning a super bowl or being a multi-time pro bowler?

Geez I’m old Jim plunkett comes to mind, and drew brees but he didn’t exactly fail in san Diego they just liked rivers better i think?

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And brees was he even a 1st rd pick? I don’t remember. Plunkett i think may have been #1 over all.

Steve Young


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After reading up on him, I see he was picked in the supplemental draft. Idk where he would have gone in the regular draft but I’m guessing he was pretty highly rated coming out of college.

Ryan Tannehill is close-ish

Rich Gannon the ol Fighting Blue Hen’s legend was close to counting but hes not a top 15 pick.

It’s just crazy to me. The list goes on and on…andre ware, akili smith, trubisky, the older Carr, tim couch, …thats just off the top of my head i know theres a bunch more…

None of them amounted to anything. Granted they all went to bad teams but none were able to succeed elsewhere either.

Well sometimes there is a thing that is called “bad reps”. In the case of Carr the Texans were not as an organization ready to draft their franchise QB and they broke him. Not all experience is good experience and David Carr got bad experience with his time as the Texans QB. He was hit to much and just could not shake the ghosts he would see. Same thing happened with Sam Darnold. When he said “Im seeing ghosts out there” I knew he was broken.

I said the same thing about the Bears this off season. If they dont get their team in order Fields could be the next David Carr. The Bears may not just been ready to draft a franchise QB.

The Bears have been the best part of being a Packers fan for 30 years.


I don’t understand why any nfl team would draft a quarterback that isn’t predominantly a passer. I’m not even sure if Fields can run well, but he’s definitely not a good passer.

Every QB is predominantly a passer, including Fields.