Why is KOTC not in TV listings?

There is a thread stating that KOTC is on tonight at 10:30 but, on the listings, they have ballroom boxing listed from 10 to 11. Then at 11 they have Pro wrestling. WTF is going on?? I would like to know where Chris Cordeiro got this info? Will it be on next week?

because the time we have is paid advertising like an infomercial just like the UFC show

It is on the schedule posted is accurate

I have directv and it is not on the schedule. I just checked it. What is ballroom boxing???? I am not understanding. I want to watch and I need to know whether to stay up or go to bed.

Well Chris I'll take your word for it, you are the promoter. BTW, you put on great shows!! I enjoy watching your shows just as much as the UFC! TTT for KOTC!!

Thank you grass hopper. Don't give me all the Credit Terry and Ted do all the work. I just hang around for the chicks.


But the UFC show is listed in the program guides as the UFC.

It is not listed on the DirecTV guide, but it is listed on the Sunshine Network website.


10:30PM (BOX) King of the Cage 1 (D)

I never see you with chicks chris.LOL

Sorry, I asked the same question on the other thread before I saw this.

I found it, it's called MLW Underground, says it's about full contact fighting......

I think thats it, right?