Why is Lauzon scared of Wiman?

someone please tell me...

i remember a thread a long time ago and Lauzon was scared of Wiman...

From what I understand Wiman refused the fight because it was a same day weigh in. Lauzon would take Wiman apart. This was put to rest a while back.

is that why Wiman is fighting in the UFC and not Lauzon? because Lauzon is too busy fighting in better organizations?

HA, Wiman would leglock Lauzon into next year

Matt and Joe are friends.

No reason to talk shit about either of 'em.

Lauzon fears only me.

Mike "Meatgazer" Littlefield strikes again

I am the official meatgazer around here, although I was asleep, I swear. Lauzon is not afraid of Cancer, or anything else. Wiman either. If you are partial to fear, you play Tennis or something.

i dont think either are afraid of eachother both are gamers and solid fighters. but they're both scared of me :) :) one for both of em

I think it would make a great fight, but I haven't seen ANYONE leg lock lauzon, ever.

If that would be Wiman's gameplan, he's had a long night.

calf slicer close enogh to a leg lock imo

I'm afraid of Cole and the rest of the Miller family.

I cant imagine anyone being afraid of this face:)

^^^^ LOL

I think Joe watched brokeback mountain or deliverance and got scared :D

Seriously though is WIMAN really gay or ppl just takin the piss?


justin. you have mail.

geez chris hope you have threads mixed up and it's re the Aussie fight and not a trip to Brokeback mountain.... :D


Wiman touched me in the bad place.... not likey.

"I think it would make a great fight, but I haven't seen ANYONE leg lock lauzon, ever."

Menjivar by calf slicer round 1

everyone knows I'm a Lauzon nut-rider, but I'd have to say that Menjivar's calf slicer definitely counts as a leglock submission

Of course a calf slicer is a leglock. Chris wasnt thinking about that ass whooping.... must have slipped his mind.

EDIT: And the elbow across the grill just before that didnt help me much either