Why is Mickey Mouse full of SH1T?

In The Professional, the cop character yells, “I don’t have time for this Mickey Mouse bullshit!!

When mechanics or tradesmen notice something Jimmy-Rigged or put together with duct tape and rubber bands, they will often say, “Somebody Mickey Moused this!!”

Why is Mickey Mouse associated with substandard work and being a clusterfuck? I would think Goofy or Donald Duck would better fit the category of being stupid and full of shit??

Plus what’s wrong with Mickey Mousing something anyway? You’re being a MacGyver!! You’re putting it together using what you have! You should be praised for getting it to work with a toothpick and a rubber band!!

If you repaired your transmission with a tennis racket, I would say you’re a genius, not a Mickey Mouse!!

I’ve only ever heard of “Mickey Mouse operation”, and it meant small operation compared to others. And I can’t explain that one either.

I love mickey mouse! When my son was little he loved mickey. It was so cute.

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I’m just a bear but I’m pretty sure david bowie said Mickey mouse grew up a cow

I thought Mickey Mouse operation meant the people will scam you or give you shoddy work and overcharge you. Basically they don’t know what the F they are doing.

He ate a lot.

Not in my experience.

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There was another term for this but the first word in it got banned rigged.