why is MLB so idiotic?

why don't they move Milwauke back to the AL put them in the central and move Kansas City to the west so each league can have 15 teams with each division having 5 teams?

also 14 games in 13 days (i understand one was a rain out) all against the Cards and cubs....nothing like getting into a situation were one bad injury can cost a team a shot at the division

As for your first post - I was thinking the same thing last week. WTF is up with the AL West having 4 teams & the NL Central having 6? Along with that the NL has 2 more teams than the AL. And the AL has Detroit, Tampa, KC, Minnesota (small market, solid team) etc. Totally fucked up.

As for your 2nd post - The Cubs have 15 games coming up against Hou, Pit, & StL - and it doesn't get any easier after that with series' against Anaheim, Houston, Oakland, StL, CWS, Houston, CWS.

And they currently have 2 aces, a HOF slugger, a lefty reliever, starting SS & starting 2B on the DL.

They could be buried by July.

Never thought of that Ryan. Does make sense, though.

thats a good explaination but it's stll idiotic to have an unbalanced league.

Deeder - That's because they are each other's "natural" rival, just like the Sox & Cubs.

As long as Bud Selig is the Commisioner, his Brewers will never share a market with a team in its own league. The Twins are the reason he moved the Brewers out of the AL to begin with, he's not going to undo it.

And I would think that New York fans of either team would be happy about 6 games, same with the Cubs/White Sox, and A's/Giants.