Why is Nick Diaz retired?

What's the reason?

This is all I want to know. Phone Post 3.0

Because he said so?? Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

Cuz he don't like the rules bruh

So that you could make this thread Phone Post 3.0

Who knows what goes on in his head while he's swimming/biking/running 16 hours a day. I bet a million different things go through there, resulting in his wishy-washy attitude when it comes to fighting again.

Where's Layzie the Savage been? Last I heard, he was gonna go hang out with Nick for a while and try to get his health in check. He also said he was gonna try to talk Nick into coming on the UG. Haven't heard back since.

XTERRA + weed > UFC

publics_lowDown_brazilianWax - He's a poor sport. Took his toys home to pout


because he got PAID son.

Because he's gonna make mad cash with his new promotion.

Nicks probably bitter Cesar took all the loot. The Diaz brothers are loyal to a fault. Both are good boxers with good groundgames.

I'd like to see them go train with other teams and improve their kicking and wrestling.