Why is Nog so heavy these days?

 Am I the only one who thinks he just does not seem to move as well or have as much endurance in his 240s as he is now as opposed to his Pride days when he was lighter?

He is not a fast guy to begin with and really can't afford to lose any speed.

Personally, I thought he was at his best when he was around 225 for the Pride HW GP. He outboxed, outwrestled and outgrappled Kharitonov and had his best performance against Fedor.

Now he looks like he did against Jeremy Horn, sluggish and somewhat out of shape.

Herring In A Fur Coat -  Speed was never a big asset for Nog, he probably bulked up to not be the smallest guy in the division (not counting Couture)

 Presumably, but does that really make sense when he performed his best against as big or bigger guys when he himself weighed less?

 Although I will say that aside from that HW GP, the best he's looked (imo) was in the fights with Barnett. In a million years I didn't expect him to be the one getting and defending the most takedowns.

i think part of the reason he looked sluggish in his past two fights is cuz he got rocked in the first round. but i agree, nog did look better in pride... that extra weight will help him vs lesnar

With the limit being 265, he needs the bulk for the added strenght. The difference in quickness is not detectable. As long as his cardio is good, and it has never been an issue with him, it makes sense.

I wouldn't worry about Big Nog he always finds a way.

Werdum has added quite a bit of weight as well in his last couple fights.

 The second Nog/Fedor fight was shaping to be incredible. Nog used that bizzare guard where he had his legs wrapped around the leg, body and arm of Fedor.

 "With the limit being 265, he needs the bulk for the added strenght. The difference in quickness is not detectable."

The difference in speed is definitely noticeable to me, whereas I've seen no signs of increased strength. The big guys in the UFC are so big and strong I don't think putting on 15 extra pounds -- a lot of which appears to be fat -- is going to let Nog match their strength. And bulking up has to be affecting his cardio as well, which was one of his best assets.

I think Nog has made a conscious effort to really focus more and more on his standup, and bulking up makes him a more dangerous striker. I don't think he will ever just strictly be a standup guy, he's too good for that, but he's obviously decided the extra weight doesn't affect his ground game.

 at 1 point nog said he needed to put on size to defeat fedor

 he's beat up, old and worn out..

boboplata - maybe miami's got a decent brazilian bbq restaurant. you can't bulk up eating sushi while fighting in japan.

 There is a really good Brazilian place in Coconut Creek  where all the ATT guys go to after training.

max power -  at 1 point nog said he needed to put on size to defeat fedor

Yeah, that's what I recall, too. I think it might've been his interview with Pedro Rizzo. He mentioned that in order to beat Fedor he'd need to be bigger. This is immediately after Fedor made him look like an Aikido demonstration, so I suppose that's where he was coming from.

I do think he seems slower, too.

3-4 years ago I think he would smash Frank Mir, but right now I'd actually give Frank a little bit of a chance. Not a huge chance, but probably a 35% chance. As guys get older and hit more, it takes less and less to hurt them. Look at the formerly iron chinned Pedro Rizzo or even Nog himself. Shots they used to shrug off are dropping them. 

 Churrasco and Caipirinha's. IMO

bj version of the atkins diet imo