Why is Randleman SO bad?

I know this is a much maligned topic, but seriously. The guy is maybe the best freestyle wrestler in MMA, he's almost certainly MMA's best athlete and he's been fighting for almost ten years.

In his last two fights he's been subbed with a keylock by a totally one-dimentional wrestler (Waterman) and choked by a kickboxer who'd never subbed ANYONE.

I don't know what's more sad; that Randleman's done or that he never really started.

i again say he needed to spend the last 8 years at btt

he has refused to do anything about his lacking ground work and sub defence Thus the sport has passed him by

Hammer House has to catch up with the times.

columbus, OH. thats why

If Kevin ever wants to regain ANY status in MMA he need to leave the Hammer House TODAY!

Kevin has offically become the biggest waste of talent in MMA history.

If he was smarter, he could have been a bigger, stronger, faster Randy Couture.

A few more losses and KR could end up being a full-blown can.

He needs to train at Team Quest. Wrestlers molded into all around MMA fighters. Anyone agree with me??

Him and Coleman are very tenacious/thickheaded wrestlers, that refuse to evolve with the sport.

Not smart fighters, getting to emotional, reverting back to their meathead wrestling abilities-guiding them to getting subbed..

very frustrating to watch

Team Quest would definitely be a step up for him, but he would still lose. Quest guys are not great on their back. They're awesome at GNP and dominating on top...but when u see them on their back, you see their lack of ground work on bottom.

"Why is Randleman SO bad?"

No bjj is the short answer. He needs subescapes and a sound strategy. Unfortunately he´s a lost cause cos he won´t learn that from Coleman or Sims...

Sims could probably sub him by now.

Maybe Kerr's demise was in their head. Kerr trying to be too well rounded and not sticking to his bread and butter. But learning to compliment what they already got with BJJ, Boxing and Kickboxing would be the key as oppose to try and change all together.

the hammer house is pretty one dimensional. When you are Mark Coleman or Kevin Randleman that's enough against most fighters. however it won't beat todays top guys. Not even unless they are lucky.
Coleman's major style change in his entire career was learning to pick his shots. Other than that he never greatly improved his stand up or his sub defense.
Randleman is the same.

For him to not pull out of that guillotine was crazy.
It's not even like Cro cop intended that to be a fnishing move intitially. I am sure he figured that he would tie Randleman up who would be forced to pull out. Then he would have some space to strike and avoid the take down.
When Randleman didn't even try to defend it I guess he figured why not?
Randleman is so explosive and so fast, but he has learned nothing in ten years.
I think a year with a good team would do wonders for him.
Coleman is not a good coach. His style is based on his physical superiority. Not on any particular astounding technique or well rounded approach.
It's because he is a beast and that will only take you so far.

It's a frustrating case. Whats most frustrating for me is how
he's always full of energy, always looks like a young fighter,
but he's getting older and the time to make a big name for
himself is slip slipping...

His sub defense sucks. he doesn't have all the tools he needs. I agree that he doesn't listen to his corner, but if he could avoid basic subs at least he would have another chance to ground and pound.
It's definitely his head that is the problem though. It's stopping him from going further.

Well, he even admitted his "ground game sucks!" after getting beat by Waterman, i think but this is just too disappointing this time around.

it's almost like he gets anxiety attacks before and during his matches

He was training with Marc Laimon prior to this fight, and had him in his corner...

Such a waste of huge talent

If the problem is in his head, then he needs to consult a sport psychologist.