Why is Rozenstruik headlining again?

Are we blaming Gane entirely for the lackluster main event they had the other month? I don’t even blame Gane for it really. If your opponent is a KO guy who isn’t doing anything but looking to counter you’d be an idiot to play into that. That bit aside, is Sakai vs Rozenstruik really worthy of being a HW headliner? Especially coming off of a dud of a main event performance?


Maybe they’re hoping for the two of them to stand there and throw bombs. Rozenstruik looked like complete dog shit against Gane. For a guy who was supposed to be a kickboxing specialist, It looked like an intro to MMA class against Gane.


Then again, we did just have Michele Waterson as a main event, soooo…


Fair point.

Roz and Gane are both super exciting prospects in spite of that uneventful chess match. Not sure they are main event worthy in the old fashioned sense but they’re as good as any in a modern context.

Edit: just wanted to state the obvious… the UFC knows these guys are both going to be a source of KO’s for years to come. There’s so many big power hitters at HW right now… Francis, Lewis, Roz, Gane, Tuivasa… I think it’s a good time to be a fan of HW MMA. The future looks bright IMO.


Yeah why do Ngannou and Lewis still get to headline too? Why do Adesanya and Romero still get to headline? Why did Silva and Maia get to headline for YEARS after that fight???

Shove it up your ass OP.


A little much… But point taken.


LOL @ this overreaction about OP’s overreaction. Well done sir.

Gane fought a very smart but boring fight. I’ve had a lot of jiu jitsu matches that were boring as shit because I was beating the guy and he was just waiting for me to make a mistake. If the guy losing is just going to wait for a mistake and does nothing to try and win the blame should be on the loser.

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Why is Sakai headlining again? These are the times

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They’re hoping that people mistake him for the black beast.


Just facts dude. Roz is a bruiser, laid an egg but who gives a fuck? Faggots on this forum just looking to bitch about anything.

While it was entertaining initially you can tone down your flamboyance a little bit. I’m not anti Rozenstruik. I was waiting for particular responses that would lend themselves to discussing exciting fighters who had a boring fight and were in turn criticized and mentioned as not being next in line for a title shot or being main event worthy as a result of said fights. Ngannou ate heaps of shit from Dana for his snoozer against Lewis, etc. I enjoy many of your spunky posts, but I fuck women much larger than you on the regular. So tone it down noob. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks for taking one for the team Ahab

I have a bad feeling Gane will be the future champ and will rule fighting like Lennox Lewis. He will keep people at the end of his jab and do just enough to win. The only cure is if Curtis can get out of his head and put it together.

I think Gane will embarrass Fran and Black Beast.

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He’s 8-0, which is 6 stoppages and two decisions. One of the guys he decisioned, Roz, was 11-1 with one decision. His track record suggests that he’s coming for the kill, not the decision. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and just assume that 11-1 Roz with 10 stoppages is a great striker… who is consequently hard to outstrike, even when you’re a pretty damn good striker yourself.

I don’t see why the default here should be pessimism. The guy’s gonna put on a lot of great fights. Relax and enjoy.


I agree. I just chose a muddy route to get to the topic of guys being held back due to one or two poor showings.

I look forward to it.

Gane is our only hope for the hvwt division. If he wins the belt but fights passively I might completely stop watching that division

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He’s literally the biggest star on the card.