Why is Teddy Atlas on the after show?

This guy don’t stop talking. Who’s letting these boxing guys in mma?


But yet your opinion matters for some reason?


Oh never mind he’s off now. Jon Anik is on now. I thought he was gonna sit in the entire show. All good now

I’ll take him any day over Stephen A Smith. I like Teddy and thought he came in with an open mind ready to learn about MMA. Good chemistry with everyone it seemed as well.

Yeah… He’s Teddy Atlas and he is loud and talks a lot. That’s Teddy Atlas.


Teddy Atlas is the fucking man


He’s pretty damn good considering he’s a relative noob to the sport.


build that market

“the voice of mma”

My issue is he has a tendency to turn anything he does into the teddy atlas show.

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at least you’re not listening to max k the bitch though

I understand the Teddy on mma thing is weird but I like Teddy overall.


They are trying to bring over the boxing audience

Thread not going well for OP.

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Teddy is great.

He’s very aware he’s not an MMA expert and makes that very clear. That doesn’t change the fact he’s an expert of the highest order of at least one facet of MMA and an interesting personality with interesting insight.

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Eh I still stand by my statement of not bringing in all these boxing guys for every broadcast. They are ok in small doses. Listening to Teddy Atlas is like listening to grandpa tell old war stories.

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My dick gets hard everytime Teddy says “geography”


His podcast is as much mma as it is boxing, maybe more. I’ll take him over most of the guys we have covering the sport any day.

Hes better than having like John Morgan on.

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Steven A Smith talks faster and gets to the point in less time.

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But Smith never has a worthwhile point.