Why is that always on the UG

when some greennamer (in obvious need of attention) claims to be the best, but have done NOTHING to even suggest that he is good, there is always one bluenamer that is convinced that the guy is that good, even if everyone else understands that he is not?

or maybe, just maybe, they actually think the fighter is good and has potential and want to let everyone know

lol..if you are talking about onemanarmy.. he is fucking around..that is "coachtaylor" trolling he is being sarcastic

Maybe BigKiller is correct,

or KBeezy could be correct which would mean that they are just really stupid.

How about Hot Potato? Is he just kidding or did he think that Ron Krull was good.

And yes OneManArmy you had me fooled, I thought you were looking for something that you could be sure noone would agree with so you could be the One Man Army.

I can not remember couchtaylor doing that, I probably understood the sarcasm.

Oh, so you are CoachTaylor. Can not remember which thread, but you were on at least one thread I posted on and you posted some good stuff (that I think was serious).

BigKiller, good point.

Obviously they're just joining in on the fun to piss people off. In this case I would say mission accomplished. It blows my mind that anyone thinks Hot Potato's support of Krull was legit. He's just trying to get under your skin and you're playing right into his hand. I thought that is was obvious to everyone that he was just having fun. Don't let it get to you.

It really does not get to me, most of the time I am thinking, are they kidding for some reason or is it possible to get that stupid. Maybe I should start a thread asking about those greennamers.

wishes I wasn't so "gullible" so I can tell the difference

Makes it hard to discuss stuff when you do not know if everyone that disagree with you is trolling or not.