Why is the locker room so creepy??

Had to hit the unsee button at the locker room again today.  Saw a guy in a stall in some sort of yoga pose, ass almost touching the floor, wiping his shitter.  This topped the drying of the taint I experienced last week.  Why is the locker room so fucking vile?  Is the women's just as bad?

They need to play this video on loop all day. 



Ya like whatcha see next time don't be shy Phone Post 3.0

Don't call them creepy when you're the one with the boner. Phone Post 3.0

i stay out of there as much as possible. last time i went to take a piss a naked guy was drying himself off in front of the bathroom stalls, not even in front of the lockers. just butt naked drying himself off with a towel. alot of weirdos in there