Why is the Supreme Court behind closed doors?

Is there a reason what they do is not televised its all in secret behind closed doors. I would actually like to watch the Supreme Court channel and she these case’s litigated and see their decisions in real time!

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You will get none of that.

Or Epstein’s trail.

You will get propaganda pretending to be some sort of investigation when it us in fact a poor attempt at an ad campaign.


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Right but it should be televised for all to see. It would definitely be interest to see cases litigated in front of the Supreme Court!

they started doing live audio streaming during covid, there is a big push to make that permanent but i dont think a decision has been made yet. i doubt there will ever be live video.

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All federal courts are like this. It emphasizes that the law is conducted in writing. It avoids the creation of celebrity judges, too.

They allow audio streaming, and they allow members of the public to sit in a watch the proceedings.


it also cuts down the chances of a live protest, which if that ever happens will put an end to live audio too (if they resume it)


So we get retard Johnny dep trial televised but the most important court in the land in secret.

Oral arguments are public. It would be like having jury deliberations be public to include the court decision process after the arguments are heard

A justice answers this question at 3min 12sec.

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Breyer doesn’t give a good reason why!

In most cases including the high profile dobbs case it is exceedingly boring with both sides arguing the meaning and interpretation of laws. The hearings at the scotus are public. But the deliberation and opinions writing aren’t. They can’t be.

Wwont be sad to see breyer go

Bread and circuses. We don’t get to see the important stuff.

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Let them eat cake!

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