Why is there so much emphasis on how much money Floyd Mayweather makes?

What’s with this guy and the constant bragging? Nobody gives a fuck. Talking about money adds zero entertainment value to a fight. Why should the viewers give a fuck?

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Yes, people do give a fuck which is why he’s such a hot topic. I hate the fact that money is such a big part of sports coverage. Talk about contracts/money and “tainting legacies” are two things that have really made sports talk unbearable.

Well, it shows you what revenue is possible if you are the best boxer in the world and know how to market yourself. Look at how he did the next time you hear mma fighters talking about fighter pay. In fact, fighter pay is a hot topic these. A wise man once said
“Cash rules everything around me”

Yeah I mean, It isnt like Floyd “Money” Mayweather has some kinda schtick where he always talks about it or has videos of him throwing cash around.

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Because its ABSURD

The best in the world doesn’t struggle with Logan Paul who’s 0/1 in boxing.

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Okay, that was a good one. :laughing: