why is ZULU in the OWGP

pride is lame for that, nothing new imo

easy one for big nog

do you think zulu will be at -600?

yes, Zulu will be 600 lbs.

Zulu is in Pride because he makes super happy fun time. Lucky!

Giants are a huge part of MMA in japan, and always will be. The japanese culture in fascinated by giant physical specimens. It is also a very respected challenge to match up a man with lots of skill against a giant man. Thats why they love Igor so much, he is the original giant killer! giants are always fun to watch get beat up or to watch beat someone up... mad props to zulu, the giant sylvia, semmy, bob sapp, and all the other giant doing their thing in Japan!!!!!!

Blame the negress IMO

Blame the Japanese public. They're the ones Pride does this for.

there's alot of guys out there that would make the tourney alot more interesting ie: loyoto, NYBA, Edson, a UFC rep possibly?

Zulu thought it stood for over weight grand prix.

LMNAO @ "Blame the negress IMO"

The Japanese like this sort of thing.

With a guy like Zulu (350+ pounds), there is always the chance of the huge upset. Zulu has a lot of power. Onw punch is all it takes.

Zulu's father gave Rickson a really tough time.

because only the top HW fights in Pride