Why isn't Mir defending his title?

What happended that Frank Mir isn't defending the title that he won from Silvia? And why has the UFC declared the title vacant?

The Sylvia/Arlovski fight is for an interim title, Frank is still the champ, but he broke his leg in a motorcycle accident and isn't healed up enough yet to defend it.

So when he's ready to go, it'll be the winner of Arlovski/Sylvia (the interim champ) vs Mir for the Undisputed championship.

sounds like mir may never fight again

Is the Sylvia/Arlovski fight 5 rounds?

Yes, it's 5 rounds.

Max Power why do you feel Mir will never fight again?

mir is hurt he will be back

Did it take you 2 years to think of that eloquent first post, Ohmiz?


^ ;-)