Why isn't MMA more popular here?

I was wondering why MMA doesn't have the popularity in the U.S like it does in Brazil and Japan? Is it because state boxing commissions are using their political power to "squash" MMA in many states like North Carolina? and/or is it just too boring to the majority of the American public? It seems to me that most Americans don't understand the groundfighting aspect of MMA while others think it is like "fight club", barbaric and without rules. What do you guys think?

No knowledge of groundwork and the cage (seems like a barbaric/freakshow to average viewers).

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The American guys that fight in Japan in the Prides and K-1 are huge celebrities there and virtually unknown in the U.S. I'm talking about guy like Bob Sapp and Mark Kerr. Ken Shamrock was a huge star in Pancrase, a celebrity in Japan and unknown in the U.S until the UFC started in 1993.

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Because a lot of North Americans do not think that grappling and submissions are a part of fighting.

Fighting for North Americans is two guys slugging it out.

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It's poor PR by organizations like the UFC. Boxing started on free TV here in America and is covered by all the normal news/sports medias (i.e., TV, newspapers) whereas here (in L.A., at least), mma athletes are never covered by the (L.A. Times) sport pages.

If the UFC were smarter, it would put more energy into getting it's shows and athletes covered by the mainstream media. TUF is a good start but more needs to be done to showcase the true athleticism and sportmanship involved.

Today, the average American probably doesn't know the difference between the UFC and fake wrestling.

I also believe that the popularization of bjj and submission grappling as viable mainstream sports would help mma too, as not everyone can do practice or participate in mma at home, but bjj and grappling can be fun for the whole families. Put grandma in your guard! Triangle that bitch! :)