Why isn't San Shou more popular?

i don't get why San Shou isn't as popular or as highly touted in the mainstream media as a fighting art like Muay Thai or BJJ? it has the great striking aspects of kickboxing coupled with throws and takedowns -- a combination that seems to make it perfect for streetfights and general self defense.

I think its really fun to watch too. Does anyone have any info on upcomming events in the NYC area?

Lack of knowledgable coaches in the US.

Don't worry it's growing and with more MMA people getting involved and seeing how well it translates as a striking platform for mma, it will grow even larger.

Sanshou was pigeonholed early by it's connection to Chinese traditional martial arts, but now that it's in the control of sanshou teams and qualified people, that lack of exposure is changing.

There is a event in NYC in Feb if I recall.

thx for the info. any schools in southern CA?

There are no sanshou teams that I know of in socal.

San Jose & Oakland are the nearest.

I'd find a MMA team that focused on striking, wrestling and the standing clinch if sanshou isn't an option for you. You can still fight in san shou & san da fights.

thx, BIC.

San Shou/San Da is growing rapidly in popularity, our shows in NYC sell out each time...

It has been held back a lot by two things

  1. lack of real coaches to train people

  2. about 10 years of political bullshit where frauds were put in charge and ran the sport into the ground (ie SHAWN LIU)

Thanks BIC, if you have any more information on the event in Feb keep us posted.

New York Showdown 10

Satuday Feb 5th


(212) 242 2453 for more info...

or visit www.KingofSanDauSA.com

lkfmdc is the sanshou guy in NYC, Hybridelite.

That stuff is sweet, they always play it late on ESPN. They keep showing the same few matches with Kung Li. I hope some more skilled people get into this and defeat him.

actually, this link is one reason why san shou hasn't grown more...

Rhymes with how.

I don't get it either. It's very exciting, must be a lack of good promoters.

It's weird, ESPN kind of treats it as a sideshow like board breaking or something. p.s. Chip Townsend rules LOL

I love Sanda! I think it will begin to grow alot in the next 5 years with the better direction it has taken.

Right now it's really just east coast (nyc) west coast (Cung's born to fight league) and Columbus's event run by Scott Sheely at the Arnolds every year.

of course there are others.. but honestly and please take advice from my own bad luck and experience, avoid the "sanshou" offered by the chinese traditional martial arts. They are poorly run, the judging systems favor "amateur" point fighting vs. full contact powerful fighting (make a comparison to boxing) and the skill level of the people fighting in them is substantially less than san shou & muay thai fighters from known teams (who rarely/never attend these events.)

Sadly (going to miss Team Lloyd Irvin).. yet positively.. I'll be leaving DC in a few months and moving to Pittsburgh PA. Setting up a sanshou/mma program (sanshou being the base for the standing system) is going to be one of my top priorities.


maybe you want to look into my new thing San Da Training Systems (www.SanDaTrainingSystems.com)

We're working with a lot of people, especially expanding into the MMA world.

Part-time Sanda program now in Michigan too now!